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[Adachi-ku] Gifte! A second grader experienced a horizontal bar back hip circle class for one day ♡


It’s hot everyday. Today, I went to the “Mizuno coach overcoming my weaknesses! Back hip circle training class” that I received from Line @, which I registered before the summer vacation. It was hot, but it was hot! It was a very good horizontal bar class.


So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Mizuno’s back hip circle class.


What is Mizuno’s back hip circle classroom?


Gifte! It is an event that is posted occasionally

こども向け体験のWebサービス「ギフテ!」の逆上がり教室のwEB広告 引用:ギフテ!公式ページWEB
advertisement of the upside-down classroom of “Gifte!”, A web service for children’s experience Quote: Gifte! Official page


“Gifte!” (Https://www.gifte.jp/) is a web service that provides various experiences for children, but it seems to be well known among elementary school moms. (My college friend also gave me a gift! He said he knew it.) I also gave him a gift! There are many types of experiences, and I think it’s very exciting to see them. I’m also registered on LINE @, and I’m giving! When a new event comes in, the smartphone will sound “Pyrroline ♪”. (But the experience of Gifte! Is quite expensive for my family with an average annual income ,,;)

Relationship between children and horizontal bar. If you have raised children, you may have faced them once!


So always gift! I was always looking at various events in Japan, but one day I was looking for a back hip circle class for shoe maker Mizuno (this is …! Should I apply?). It was.


② Mizuno’s back hip circle class is held irregularly

ミズノ  公式ページ:https://shisetsu.mizuno.jp/mizuno/events
Mizuno Official Page: https://shisetsu.mizuno.jp/mizuno/events


Mizuno, a comprehensive sports maker, holds various sports classes. The back hip circle classroom is one of them, and it is not a fixed day of the week, which is every 0th day of the week, but a one-time classroom during summer vacation. This time I applied for it on Thursday, July 22, 2021. I had several choices for the time of the day, but I wasn’t good at getting up early in the morning, so I chose the hottest time of 12 o’clock even though it was midsummer!


The location is a 3-minute walk from “Sekiya Station” on the Keisei Line.

After getting off Sekiya Station, proceed toward Adachi Post Office.


Turn right in front of the Adachi Post Office, turn left at the “Water Bus Stop” sign, and walk along the small path with a parking lot on your right to reach the site.

The venue I went to this time was “Mizuno Futsal Plaza Senju”, which is a 3-minute walk from Sekiya Station on the Keisei Line or Ushida Station on the Tobu Line. It’s very close to the station, huh ♡ But that? Somehow, I’ve been here …! When I thought about it, it was on the same site as the fishing leisure “Super Fishing Adachi”!

Super fishing Adachi is fun ~ ♪


Mizuno’s back hip circle horizontal bar classroom

You will be asked to go to the bathroom here. A lot of working men are playing futsal in front of me!


When you go to the site, the staff will guide you with the “Gifte!” Logo. You will be asked to go to the toilet in a white building called “Asori-to” (a facility with a reception and toilet). When I went to the bathroom, there was another staff member who walked straight from there, and in front of me was a large dome-shaped tent, which was the venue for the horizontal bar classroom? You will be guided to a facility like this. The number of staff is quite large, and four men and women in total will take care of us in the horizontal bar classroom alone.

First, go to the bathroom!
This is Mizuno Futsal Plaza. There is no cooler, but there is a fan and ventilation.


① First, get used to the horizontal bar by turning around

A total of about 15 children + parents participated.


The staff feels really good. It was friendly, easy to understand, and spoken in a sportsmanship manner, so even though I was nervous, Hatchan immediately ran “I’m going ♡” and approached the teacher. Teacher power, terrifying …! Instead of suddenly making a back hip circle. Can you move forward first? With that feeling, I don’t have to be able to do it. I will assist you if you cannot.


② Practice for each point required for back hip circle


Next, the teacher will show you a bad example of back hip circle like a skit, and teach you the skills necessary for climbing uphill one by one. First of all, ① stance. The dominant foot that you are accustomed to kicking is determined by kicking a soccer ball with your parents. Next is the practice of ② raising your legs. Many of the children who can’t turn upside down have their legs in front of them. Again, we will hold a workshop to kick a stick with a pair of parents and children.


The other is ③ the power to pull your arm. If your arm is stretched out, you can kick it upside down! Because I can’t go around, I will make the children realize that through the workshop. Here, too, the teacher’s talk is interesting, and children can practice in a good atmosphere while relaxing with “Ahahaha …”. He took a break about 10 times in an hour and a half. Only one point. The only thing that was painful was that my parents were hot! (Photos and videos are also OK)


③ I’m still worried, but if I practice, will it be finished in an hour? Realized


Whenever I applied for sports-related lessons like this, I always chose only what I was doing in the local government. However, I think there are some classrooms run by these sports brands. As you know a wide range of teaching methods, you are more likely to find a teaching method that suits your child. Also, Gifte! Is expensive! I thought, but considering the cost performance, I thought it was worth it so that I would like to continue using it.


Why paid horizontal bar teaching

August 2020. I rented a horizontal bar for 4,800 yen including shipping at the children’s ski support center I found online ♡


① When I was in kindergarten, my homeroom teacher pointed out about the horizontal bar.


When my child, Hatchan, was a senior in kindergarten, my homeroom teacher told me before the athletic meet, “I can’t move forward, so please practice at home.” Because there is a place to run after going ahead in the obstacle race of the athletic meet. I was insanely shocked by this word. “Eh? Is practicing the horizontal bar so important in your life?”


② Even in the first grade of elementary school, use a horizontal bar as a homeroom teacher


Instead, when my daughter was in the first grade of elementary school, my homeroom teacher said in a personal interview, “I don’t think I’m good at horizontal bars.” So, I said, “But the horizontal bar is making noise only in the Japanese education world, even though it is widespread in the world. I don’t use the horizontal bar even when I grow up. It’s good to do my best, but the character of the child is twisted. Do you bend and do your best with the horizontal bar? “

Hatchan practices by laying a futon underneath because she has a habit of letting go when turning.


Then, the teacher said, “It’s true that even if you can’t make a horizontal bar, it doesn’t hinder your life. Isn’t it important to have fun working on things that you don’t like?” That explanation is convincing. I rented a horizontal bar during the summer vacation of the first grade of elementary school, and my daughter was finally able to move forward. Meanwhile, before the summer vacation of the second grade of elementary school, gift! I found the Mizuno horizontal bar classroom. I thought that it would take more time to learn the back hip circle than the previous one, so I thought I should go to a professional classroom for a while to practice.


Thank you for visiting

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