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[Arakawa Ward] Arakawa Natural Park Athletics … Traffic Garden is under construction-Swan-Lunch story


Arakawa Natural Park is a large park located in Machiya, Arakawa Ward. There are athletics, a traffic park and a Japanese garden in the park, and two swans are gracefully swimming in the Japanese garden. My husband’s parents’ house is near this park, so today I went to Arakawa Natural Park with my child.




荒川二丁目口です。めっちゃ坂です。秋~冬は17時でしまっちゃうんですね。This is Arakawa 2-chome Exit. It’s a very slope. It’s 17:00 from autumn to winter.

Arakawa Natural Park is a huge park, so it is efficient to decide the entrance according to the place you want to go before entering. “Arakawa 8-chome Exit” is close to the baseball stadium, and “Arakawa 7-chome Exit” is close to “Waiwai Pool” and “Shiratori-san”.




Arakawa Natural Park is conveniently located on the Toden (Tokyo Sakura Tram), right in front of “Arakawa 7-chome” station. When a small child goes, even if he is fine, he often becomes a “hug” after playing, so it is also helpful for those who go by train ♡


荒川区の尾久の原公園の記事もどうぞ!Check out the article about Ogunohara Park in Arakawa Ward!

For those who are hard to reach by Toden, walk 3 minutes from Keisei Exit of Keisei Electric Railway “Machiya Station” (walk along the Toden line and turn left near Yui no Mori Arakawa) or 4 minutes from Exit 2 of Tokyo Metro “Machiya Station”. It is about. In the case of a bus, get off at the community bus Sakura “Arakawa Nature Park Entrance”. There is no parking lot, but nearby people can come by bicycle because there are bicycle parking lots at Arakawa 2-chome and 8-chome.


What are the athletics in Arakawa Natural Park?

雪が降った次の日なので、この日は土がどろどろ状態でした。It was the day after it snowed, so the soil was muddy on that day.



どこをポイントに撮ったのか意味不明の写真ですいません、、、、!I’m sorry for the photo that doesn’t make sense where I took the point …!

Since Arakawa Natural Park is a large park, there are two spots with playsets such as slides and swings. The first is a children’s amusement park near the baseball field, which is usually a small park. Playsets are swings, slides and seesaws. (I skipped my winter vacation homework here)


Athletic-A lot of Tarzan ropes in the corner

またまた普通に人がいるのに写真撮ってすみません、、!I’m sorry to take a picture even though there are normal people again!


この小さな輪っか!私が入ったらハマって抜け出せないのでこれは却下。This little ring! I’m addicted to it and I can’t get out of it, so I rejected it.


アスレチックコーナーからは東京スカイツリーが見えましたぞ!You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the athletic corner!


By the way, every time I come to the park, my child invites me to say, “Mom, I’m gonna do it!”, So I play lightly. I’m already quite heavy, so I’m penalized. I think it looks like a happy parent and child from the outside, but people in their 40s have a hard time in their 40s! I’m confused in my heart (but it’s cute)


The traffic garden was under construction and only infants could play


What I was looking forward to this time was the transportation park. I’m not a traffic park enthusiast, but I go to a traffic park. (Wakashio Park, Kahama Park, etc. in this blog) I went because there was a traffic park in the direction of “Machiya 1-chome Exit” on the left side of Arakawa Natural Park. Since it was New Year’s Day, I went while saying “I wonder if I’m doing it”, but the answer is “under construction


When I went to a place like a reception desk where I could rent a bicycle, the staff asked, “Are you a child of an age that you can ride a bicycle by yourself?” When I said “yes”, I was unfortunately told, “I’m sorry, I’m currently under construction and I can only use things for infants such as tricycles.” That’s right ~. disappointing!





I found an elementary school student trying to get ice in the cross pond!


In Arakawa Natural Park, there was a small pond named Cross Pond in addition to the pond with swans. On New Year’s Day, Sonoike was frozen nicely, and two elementary school boys were trying to take it. One boy is grabbed by a plan, and the other is caught in the hands of another and gently tries to remove the ice so that it doesn’t pop in the pond. It was cute!

浅田真央ちゃんとかならこの上でジャンプできそう、、。Mao Asada could jump on this ,.


By the way, I love this kind of place for elementary school boys, so I immediately tweeted as follows (⇒ What are you tweeting?)


A park above the Mikawashima Regeneration Center


As you walk through Arakawa Natural Park, you will see a strange sight on your left. It feels like a waterworks, so when I asked Google Sensei, he answered, “It’s Mikawashima Recenter ♪”. great. Only I and my husband were excited about this scene, saying “Wow, it’s amazing”, but the 7-year-old elementary school girls were cool. Why?


There are many benches, so lunch or cafe


す、すごい。ピカソの絵を彫刻にしたみたいだね~。It’s amazing. It looks like Picasso’s painting was sculpted.


After that, you can have a cup of tea at Cafe de Clie on the first floor of the nearby “Yui no Mori Arakawa” (library) ♪ Park ⇒ Cafe de Clie ⇒ Library ⇒ Finally the park, A day with a child like this is also wonderful.


Thank you for visiting!

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