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[Iruma-gun] What is the congestion, lunch, reading, and athletics of Santome Konjyamura?


My job is a web writer, so I search the internet every day for something. Meanwhile, I sometimes happen to see stories about going out with my daughter. That was “Santome Konjyamura” in Saitama Prefecture. Looking at the transparent homepage, I was nailed.

“Santome Konjyamura” is full of nature. It used to be a satoyama full of garbage.


“If I go to Santome Konjyamura, I think I’ll be able to feel my heart ♡”, I was really excited. That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Santome Konjyamura in Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture.


Is the village of Santome Konjya during Golden Week crowded?

There is a shuttle bus (about 30 minutes) from Fujimino Station or Tokorozawa Station to Santome Konjyamura ♡


Golden week. Normally, it’s crowded no matter where you go to leisure facilities. Then, how was the holiday in May 2021? It was usually crowded. However, I don’t know how crowded the village of Santome Konjya is, which is not a corona virus, so I’m sorry, but the shuttle bus was at a level where I could sit if I arrived about 15 minutes before departure.


Why go during a state of emergency?

The parking lot is large, but many people came by car.


It’s nice weather!

Until last year’s (2020) Golden Week, I was relatively supportive of the government. I was really refraining from doing it, and I was playing at home with my daughter every day. However, at one point, I read articles about the differences between the number of people infected with corona and the number of deaths in Japan and the world, and problems with the medical system, and I was skeptical. Why don’t we just ask the people to fix the medical system where the ratio of practitioners is poor forever? I thought it wasn’t because the government was so scared to say anything to the Japan Medical Association.

The gel for hand sanitizer is also made of wood and is fashionable ♡


When you enter the Kunugi no Mori Exchange Plaza, first pay the entrance fee (500 yen to 800 yen per person over 18 years old) at the cash register.

If the government just asks the people to refrain from doing so, this will not fit in Corona next year or next year. Japan is 30 years behind the world in the IT field, and low productivity is a problem. Even so, I didn’t want to be far behind in Corona again. If people continue to refrain from doing so, the economy will stop and the number of suicides will continue to increase. Therefore, while practicing the minimum measures against infectious diseases, I decided to consistently implement the child-rearing policy for my daughter, “Give various experiences in various fields before employment” even at Corona.

If you are visiting for the first time, you can buy a booklet that describes the history of Santome Konjyamura for 200 yen per book.


いや~ん♡無印とかフランフラン好きな私にとっては、くぬぎの森交流プラザもかなり萌えます♡No ♡
For me who likes MUJI and Francfranc, the Kunugi no Mori Exchange Plaza is also quite moe ♡

A child’s year is different from an adult’s year. I’ve been at home in Corona all the time. Until when? The uncertain policy was unrealistic to me. Even if I hear the government and say that a mother who refrains from doing so is really a good mother, my thoughts do not change. I thought it was guilty not to learn or have a fresh experience with this corona disaster, as in the isolation of the Edo period.


It was crowded with a good feeling ♡

Children’s Day on May 5th is near, so they decorate the carp streamers ♪


Natural leisure facilities and campsites are more fun if there are a moderate number of people ♡ Of course I want to avoid infectious diseases, but the area of ​​Santome Konjyamura is … The size of about 4 Tokyo Domes. Even if a lot of people come, it is a facility that is hard to get close to.


Lunch at Santome Konjyamura! We are TKG and soft serve ♡


TKG with freshly laid eggs of chicken

There are many fun events in Santome Konjyamura. (There may be a charge separately)


From 11:00 am, we participated in a nice project called TKG with chicken’s freshly laid eggs at the village’s Portree Garden (near the lawn open space). (1200 yen per person) There are many parents and children around the chicken coop, and among them, “Yes! If you are a participant of the Portree Tour, please come in” and enter the chicken coop. I was a little shy w

Hatchan is crazy about chicken


My child is overwhelmed by the aggressiveness of the chicken. The guide’s older brother is really used to it.
Sorry. I’ll get some eggs.

The person who gave a lecture on Niwatori was an employee of “Ishizaka Sangyo Co., Ltd.”, the operating company of Santome Konjyamura. There are more than 30 chickens per square meter sold at supermarkets, and more than 15 eggs are kept flat. On the other hand, in the case of Santome Konjyamura, it is said that it is stress-free because it is kept at a low population density of 2 to 3 animals per square meter (? I forgot;). The chicken was cute. I want to go again.

The rice you eat in the wilderness is delicious, isn’t it?


Lunch is sold at the “collection” on the lawn


First, buy a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine and bring the meal ticket to the relevant store to redeem it.

There are several places in Santome Konjya Village where you can eat lunch. The most common place is the area map with the word “Gather”, which has a large lawn and a mini steam locomotive. The market price is about 300 yen higher than McDonald’s, such as gravy udon (1,000 yen), margherita pizza (1,000 yen), and onion gratin soup (980 yen).

The soup looks delicious too ~.


Soft serve ♡ I’ve been eating only ice cream lately, so I’m getting more and more hungry.

Soft serve ice cream also buys meal tickets at the ticket vending machine. Saitama milk soft is 400 yen, plus 40 yen with powder such as matcha and cocoa. By the way, there are no trash cans in the village to protect nature. Bringing in convenience store lunch boxes is prohibited. (You can bring your own handmade bento or rice balls)


How do you read Mitomi?


At first, I couldn’t remember the name of Santome Konjyamura. It seems to be “Santome”. I just say “Santomi”. ..


Santome Konjyamura has a nice athletic feel ♡

At the back of the lawn open space is the entrance to the athletics.


When you go down the stairs, you will find athletics in the forest!

In Santome Konjyamura, there are (1) forest, (2) mini steam locomotive, (3) chicken coop, (4) delicious meal, (5) vegetable harvesting experience and barbecue (experience and BBQ require advance reservation), but there is also (6) athletic. It’s been about 5 years since it was opened to the public, so it’s a new athletic facility that will make adults excited.

A classic suspension bridge
The one who climbs the log roof
It was good that many children were lively.

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