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[Kita-ku] I went to cafe SAYA (mineral cafe) for free research with elementary school students ♡


Summer vacation will be over soon. I never dreamed that last year would be Corona and this year would be Corona’s summer! But as an adult, at best, I don’t want to dye my child’s summer in a corona color (⇒ what a nasty color …!). Speaking of summer, watermelon! Hyalessa maculaticus! Sea! (⇒Recently, there is a lot of news about parents and children drowning in the sea and rivers, which makes me really sad.)


Middle-aged Japanese who have been thinking since May last year that they want to have a good time with the child in front of them because they are Corona, while also communicating the fear of infectious diseases and not being frightened by Corona alone. I’m a woman. So, today’s theme is the iron cafe “cafe SAYA” (Kirarasha) in Kita-ku, Tokyo, which I found as a free research material for children ♡


The reason for learning about cafe SAYA is from the owner’s book

↑ This is a book I bought at Rakuten Ichiba for children (2nd grade girls).


The color of China blue is wonderful ♡ The inside of the store is compact, but I never get tired of it because of the location and the products.

The reason why many people go to cafe SAYA is that they like “minerals” first. While researching minerals, I came across a book by Mr. Sato, the owner of cafe SAYA, and since the book mentions cafe SAYA, I would like to go!


!Kirarasha’s Twitter account has 15,000 followers. very!

Another pattern may be Twitter. cafeSAYA has a Twitter account called @cafeSAYA, and mineral specimens and experimental kits newly arrived at Kirarasha are constantly updated.


At home, I and Hatchan (daughter) are experimenting with vermiculite given by Mr. Sato. With this image alone, you might be able to deceive even a science-based house, w

The last pattern is, like ours, I wonder if I learned about the existence of cafe SAYA (Kirarasha) while researching the free research of children’s elementary schools. Kirarasha is an online shop for mineral specimens operated by Mr. Sato. It seems like an ant to look at the product image of Kirarasha and call cafe SAYA to get it. I went to cafe SAYA for the first time this time, and it was so much fun that my world expanded thanks to the free study of children, thanks! I think.


Access to cafe SAYA ・ Nearest station


I want to go to “cafe SAYA” because of something like that! If you think, please visit. It is a shop full of fun and mysterious aura. (⇒Fufufu ,,!) It seems that it was opened in 1995, and at that time it was not a standing position as a mineral cafe, but a cafe that mainly serves ordinary meals.


Although the story derailed (⇒ I am confident in the derailment!), The nearest station to cafe SAYA is Tokyo Metro “Oji Kamiya Station” or JR Keihin Tohoku Line Higashi Jujo Station. It’s a little far from both, but (walking for more than 15 minutes), but I think I can walk if I want to walk except in midsummer.


cafe SAYA business hours

Basically open every Saturday. (Reservation required for cafe use)



At Sumikko Cafe in Harajuku, it was a system that cost money just to reserve a seat.


The menu of cafe SAYA is still mineral tic ♡


Hot coffee, tea, iced tea 400 yen each

天青石=ベリー&ブルーハワイ、蛍石= ベリー&ブルーハワイ などなど。面白いネーミング♡
Celestine = Berry & Blue Hawaii, Fluorite = Berry & Blue Hawaii, etc. Interesting naming ♡


By the way, when I came to the cafe, I told the author, Mr. Sato, “I bought a book! I was impressed! I bought this book because it was so popular! ” (⇒ Excuse me, it’s type B) Then, “Oh, thank you. Then, let’s talk about something useful for free research.” Then, the story of amethyst heating citrine, all-you-can-eat fluorite, and so on. What is a jewel in the first place? I told our parents and children about that. (⇒ Thank you …)


So, I forgot to order, so when I talked to Hatchan, who had a very strong stomach, “Mom, iced coffee. Hatchan (my child) can’t drink carbonated water, right? “You can make carbonic acid super-weak,” he said, adjusting the amount of carbonic acid for children. He is a strong person.


Mineral and gem name sodas are 500 yen each

!Light blue water turns purple with lemon ,! For this reason, the kindness of going to buy lemons!


In addition, sodas with gems and mineral names such as rubies and topaz were 500 yen each. Overall, I feel like I’m not in business. I don’t feel like taking money if there is a chance (in a good way), and there are some in the store that children can buy for about 100 yen. (Of course, some are expensive, but …)


It’s like a sanctuary for mineral fans, where customers come one after another ♡


Most of the yellow crystals (citron?) Seem to be heated purple crystals. It seems that amethyst has a larger distribution volume.

At an ordinary cafe, I think it’s hard to have a conversation between customers in Tokyo. Especially at chain stores such as Doutor and Starbucks. Everyone is hiding the sign. However, maybe cafe SAYA is the owner’s personality, and all the people who talked during the one-hour stay (about 5 people?) Seemed to be good. Minerals are simply beautiful, or they glow. When a craftsman cuts fluorite, it becomes an octahedron.


The space where you can make tea through minerals seems to be very healthy and good for children ♡ (Oh, after that, I will study freely about my stay on this day.

A picture of a 44-year-old middle-aged woman burning “Vermiculite” taught by Mr. Sato at home.
(I’m sorry for the dirty image) When you burn it, the vermiculite will swell in 15 seconds! It grew. The structure is special.