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[Chuo-ku] Access to the Nihonbashi Social Education Center Hall and a concert from 0-year-olds “Music Travel”


There were more places where I could go out when my child was a baby than when I was in elementary school. So, I was very grateful for something like “a concert that can be done from a 0-year-old child”.


If you go to such a concert, a large gathering of babies ♪ Even if you cry, you will not have a grudge ♡ Because it is an extraterritoriality, mom will not know if you arrive at the concert venue for the time being! You can feel at ease.


For that reason, today I would like to talk about a little old story when I watched a concert at the Nihonbashi Education Center.

If you are going out to Nihonbashi, this is also recommended!


Nihonbashi Social Education Center is in Nihonbashi Elementary School! !!About access

Many babies and toddlers are crowded in the lobby at “Music Every Time”


Nihonbashi Social Education Center is a 4-5 minute walk from the subway or Tokyo Metro “Ningyocho Station” and “Suitengumae Station”. The landmark is that there is a big clock, and the Nihonbashi Social Education Center is located on the 2nd, 8th, and 9th basement floors of Nihonbashi Elementary School.

区立でこんな小学校!さすが中央区!! 引用:公式より
Such an elementary school in the ward! As expected, Chuo Ward! !!
・東京メトロ日比谷線「人形町駅」 A2番出口 徒歩4分
・東京メトロ半蔵門線「水天宮前駅」 8番出口 徒歩5分
・都バス 錦11 秋26 水天宮停 徒歩5分 
・ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Ningyocho Station” Exit A2, 4 minutes walk
・ Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line “Suitengumae Station” Exit 8 5 minutes walk
・ Toei Bus Nishiki 11 Autumn 26 Suitengu Stop 5 minutes on foot
Street address
1-1-17 Nihonbashi Ningyocho Nihonbashi Elementary School, etc. Complex 2F, 8F / 9F
phone number


What is Nihonbashi Social Education Center? About the hall

On the bench in the 8th floor hall of Nihonbashi Social Education Center





This time, I happened to go to the 8th floor hall at a Christmas JAZZ concert called “Music” that can be attended from 0 years old (December 2018), but this building was originally for learning, cooking and circles of Chuo Ward residents. It is a facility of. Besides, it’s an interesting facility where Nihonbashi Elementary School and Nihonbashi Library are docked.


The 6th floor is the Nihonbashi Library with a children’s book corner

Hatchan, who is attached to the library and children’s house


So, after the concert, Hatchan said, “Mom, I want to go down,” and I didn’t know if I could go, but I wondered if it was a public library, so I went to the library on the 6th floor.


I always go to the library in Kita Ward, but when I go to the library in another ward, I feel refreshed. Well, I can’t borrow it, but w


“Music every time” was good! I really wanted to dance the raw sound


Every time I travel, facebook

「おんがくのたび」は中央区社会教育登録団体/中央協働ステーション登録団体です。今回はクリスマスJAZZコンサートということで、吉岡秀晃さん(ピアノ) 、岡崎好朗さん(トランペット)、 横山裕さん(ベース) 、高橋徹(ドラム)さんが腹に響く素敵な演奏を聞かせてくれました。

“Music” is a Chuo-ku social education registration group / Chuo collaboration station registration group. This time it was a Christmas JAZZ concert, so Hideaki Yoshioka (piano), Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpet), You Yokoyama (bass), and Toru Takahashi (drums) gave us a wonderful performance that echoed in our stomachs. ..

Baba likes to organize luggage


There is a stroller storage space

Nihonbashi and JAZZ go well together! However, since the hall is relatively small, there was a scene where I was a little sick of the volume and the children might be surprised. It’s not big for adults at all.


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