ドックはおもちゃドクターのBrown bag filmsにメッセージをしたら海外からプレゼントが届いた件

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Doc McStuffins sent a message to the toy doctor Brown bag films and received a gift from overseas


My Hatchan loved Disney Junior’s “Doc McStuffins” from 2 to 4 years old ♡


I hate showing my kids TV and YouTube for a long time (⇒ but I’m showing them!), And after about 1.5 hours, she turns off the TV saying “Let’s take a break!” is. (⇒ Not human …!)


But, however. As for Doc McStuffins, only the toy doctor was too good an anime, but rather actively showed “Look! Look!”. That is too good anime. Hidden masterpiece. (⇒ Isn’t it hidden?)


That’s why I went out with an elementary school student in Tokyo this time! I will touch on the letter from the dock without going out as an extra edition.


Immediately email the dock to the toy doctor’s production studio in English!

I sent this direct message to Brown Bag Film on Facebook in 2018


My brain doesn’t have the functions of “seeing a little” and “warming things up”, so as soon as I think of it (Hatchan likes the dock ⇒ I want to please ⇒ let’s email the studio), I just click on the email. have done.


It’s a direct message from FaceBook, an Irish studio called Brown Bag Films.

引用:Brown Bag Fims 公式ホームページ(https://www.brownbagfilms.com/

今はネット社会なんで、調べるとすぐわかってしまうんです。(⇒まるでBrown Bag Filmsのストーカーじゃん!

Now that we are in an internet society, we can easily find out when we look it up. (⇒ It’s like a Brown Bag Films stalker!)


The text you sent


The text I sent is like this. (⇒ It’s terrible because the heyday of English has passed by myself)

Dear Brown bag filmsHi! I’m ○○.My daughter ○○ is absorbed in your Doc mcrtuffins very much. In Japan, almost infant gil like her loves PRECURE, but her most favorite character is Stuffy! In Japanese amazon, the Doc dolls is expensive, so I bought it and firrt responders kit in Amazon US for Chrirtmas day. Thankr for Doc, my daughter is getting better girl like Doc!In the morning, I don’t let her watch Doc in TV, because she won’t eat breakfast when she watchs Doc.Hope to keep seeing latest Doc story in Japan too!with love, ○○ and ○○



Now, if you calmly review it, the text is driven by the urge to be buried in the soil. I’m in my 40s to send it to the first person.”In Japan, all little girls like Pretty Cure, but my daughter likes otaku anime, Dock Staffy ♡”, isn’t it?


I received an auto-reply email immediately. I’m sure there are emails and letters from fans all over the world.


Brown Bag Fimsから返事が来た!

I got a reply from Brown Bag Fims !!

I’m sure She doesn’t know herself who doesn’t know anything overseas yet


We’re glad Hatchan liked the dock. I’ll send you a signed poster, can you tell me your address?

Doc McStuffins immediately replied from the toy doctor’s studio. (Wow! This is not the case with Japanese anime studios. Les Haya!) I was very impressed.


I’m grateful that he gave me a reply while I was busy, but he also sent me a poster with a signature (dock ?!). From Ireland.


No, it ’s bad. However, I sent the address immediately. Then, the dock printed the image of the toy doctor and stretched it in Japanese.

「こんにちは。○○ちゃん。おかあさんと いっしょ チェックアップのおうたと 閉じた。ヨカッタ!Doc」と書かれていました。ポスター以外には、ドックを含めたBrownBagFilms作品のDVDが3枚も入っていました。Wow!

“Hello. ○○-chan. Closed with your song of mom and together check-up. Yokatta! Doc” was written with.Besides the poster, there were 3 DVDs of Brown Bag Films works including the dock. Wow!

The contents of the official website are also good! It conveys the atmosphere of a creative studio


I’m sure someone who can speak Japanese wrote it hard. Just imagining it makes me cry. Irish, kind … That’s why I love both foreigners and English! !! (Fin)

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