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[Kawaguchi City] Pokemon movie The story of crying & crying & crying here

ポケモン映画ココが始まりましたね。私は去年の後半、ドラえもん映画2本(新恐竜とSTAND BY ME2)、魔女見習いを探してを観たので結構こども映画はお腹いっぱいになってました。なので、ココも「はっちゃん(子)が見たくなければ、見なくていいや~。」と思ってました。

The Pokemon movie Coco has begun. In the latter half of last year, I watched two Doraemon movies (New Dinosaur and STAND BY ME2) looking for a witch apprentice, so I was quite full of children’s movies. So, Coco also thought, “If you don’t want to see Hatchan (child), you don’t have to see it.”

しかし、私の大好きなサイト「ロケットニュース24」の記事「劇場版「ポケットモンスター ココ」を観た結果 → 4歳の娘が引くほど泣いた」を拝見し、(私も6歳の娘が引くほど泣いたる!!)と思ってしまったので、、、。早速行ってきました。マスクや手指の消毒をして。


But, after seeing the article “Results of watching the movie version of” Pocket Monster Coco “→ I cried as much as my 4-year-old daughter pulled” on my favorite site “Rocket News 24” (I also draw my 6-year-old daughter) I was crying so much !!), so … I went immediately. Disinfect the mask and fingers. The theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the impression of the new Coco Pocket monster movie.
(Some images are quoted from the official page: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/)


The movie version of Pocket Monster Coco was crowded even with Corona

Ah! Ario characters, Ali and Rio! (⇒ I didn’t know w)


When I tried to select a seat from the Pokemon Coco movie website at Ario Kawaguchi, the seat was Sukasuka the day before. Therefore, I was at a loss (everyone is Corona, so I wouldn’t refrain from doing it, but I bought it in advance.).

I wonder if everyone is looking for this lucky bag?


However, I decided to go (because it’s the next station, let’s take a quick look and go home!). (January 3, 2021)

The message “Ario is taking proper infection prevention measures!” Is displayed on the screen.



When I opened the lid, it was so crowded that I had never experienced it before (?! ★ ♡) and I panicked a little in my head. Everyone, the government forbade me to go home, so maybe I felt like (then, I saw a movie at a local shopping center). Ario Kawaguchi was generally crowded even during the New Year of the Corona.

And especially when entering MOVIX, there is a long line at the popcorn section. 80% of the seats in Pokemon movies were also occupied. (⇒ I and Hatchan are afraid of the trailer, so I intentionally get to my seat 10 minutes late ,,)


This Pokemon movie Coco is really popular and highly rated

Oh,,. Watching the trailer makes me want to go see it again! Sinful movie!


The long-awaited new movie version of Pokemon “Coco”. With a strange fate, a boy named Coco, who is human, is raised by Pokemon Zarud.

(Appreciation commemorative gift ①) You can get a Pokemon Mezasta Zarud.


I want to sing “To-chan, da ~ ♪” at karaoke someday ~! I’m a mother!


The concept is “I’m your father”. The guest vocal is Tortoise Matsumoto, who is a familiar song by Taiiku Okazaki every time. (Mr. Okazaki, he wrote 6 songs in this movie. He’s a talented person!)The chorus of this song alone makes me feel like (maybe this time?). In fact, it was a good movie!


(Popular secret ①) It was a 2D & original work, not 3D & original work like Doraemon.

I’ve come again! Kawaguchi Ario ‘s movie theatre♪

ドラえもんの「STAND BY MEドラえもん2」を観た時の感想(https://www.0dekake.tokyo/movie-stand-by-me-2-review/)を書いた時は、(私はヨカッタけど世間的にはイヤな人もいるんだろうな、、)と正直思いました。あの3Dのキャラが生理的に受け付けないって声は多かったですからね。また、ネット上では「原作をいじるな」「ダメ監督」みたいな誹謗中傷のような書き込みも多数見られました。(⇒そんなに熱くなるなよ、、!自分の思い通りじゃないからって、って思いました★)

When I wrote the impression (https://www.0dekake.tokyo/2020/12/movie-stand-by-me-2-review/) when I saw Doraemon’s “STAND BY ME Doraemon 2”, ( I’m Yokatta, but I’m sure there are people who don’t like it in the world,). There were many voices saying that the 3D character wouldn’t accept it physiologically. In addition, on the Internet, there were many writings such as “Don’t mess with the original” and “No good director”. (⇒ Don’t get so hot! You thought it wasn’t what you wanted ★)

(Appreciation commemorative gift ②) Pokemon card game here


However, this Pokemon movie Coco is an honor student in a good way. I think that it is a perfection that will give a passing score to both those who have watched Pokemon movies normally and those who watch it for the first time this time.

(Appreciation commemorative gift 3 ③) Zarud’s serial code that can be used with the switch


It’s a movie that doesn’t break the flow of the movie version so far, and isn’t adventurous in a good way, so I think the public reputation is stable. Also, since it is an original version without the original, slanderous defamation from original fans can be avoided.


(Popular secret ②) The battle scene of Zard with a sense of speed is good.

I didn’t like it at first, but at the end it was so cool that I wanted him to be a dad


Zarud, who accidentally picks up and raises Coco, is a bad Pokemon. You look bad, right? My eyes are red. However, using something like a tentacle wrapped around his arm, he flies around in the woods. It’s powerful and feels good.


The setting is a bit like the masterpiece The Lion King, isn’t it? There are various restrictions such as refraining from corona even for free. Meanwhile, I think I have a longing for a return to nature. I want to relax in the great outdoors! Like. Looking at the screen, I just felt good in my eyes. (⇒ Only me?)


Also, maybe it’s because it’s cold in winter and my body is shrinking. Seeing the Satoshi on the screen wearing short sleeves made me feel a little warm. (⇒ Such an impression, only you!)


(Popular secret ③) Is it absolutely necessary to keep the rules? A deep theme that makes you think


Every child’s film has a deep theme. The theme of this movie is “What is a true parent and child? What is raising?” It’s an eternal theme that will appeal to all parents. Nowadays, there are various child-rearing theories and social issues, such as abuse and complimenting child-rearing.


(Caution for spoilers) Dad Zarud is also worried about raising children here. He said that he had troubled Coco because he raised humans. Despite being separated from the Zarud ethnic group and raising children with considerable determination. Parenting is a series of worries, isn’t it? There are many things that you can’t predict unless you raise them just because you want them to become parents.

At the end of the movie, the winning works of the illustration contest were displayed ♡


At that time, when Dad Zard helps Coco’s crisis, he feels what he really is. There are tears from my eyes ~~~! Furiously came out. (I understand! I understand!) And if something happens to my child (Hatchan), I’ll help him because I can die, or I’m doing imagery while watching a movie.


(Popular secret ④) There is no waste in the story & Kankuro Nakamura’s voice actor was wonderful

Voice actors are really important in anime movies, aren’t they?


I also love Ghibli movies, but if people who usually appear on TV often play the movie with the same voice, I’m worried that I can’t concentrate on the movie.


(Be careful of spoilers) However, the role of Zarud this time was very good. I actually felt the acting and depth that only Mr. Nakamura could do because he was a father. Even though it was an anime, the (?) Voice was lively.


Mr. Kamishiraishi is also a very favorite voice actor, but since I liked “Mirai of the Future” directed by Mamoru Hosoda and watched it many times, I couldn’t help but feel the atmosphere of Mirai’s movie. (⇒ It can’t be helped!)


Summary-Opening & crying all the time in the second half


By the way, did I cry as much as my 6-year-old daughter pulled? The answer is No and Yes. I watch movies with my daughter all the time in the cinema, so she’s immune to my crying! My favorite scene in this movie is that the opening is surprisingly close to Zarud’s parents and children (here is a baby). It’s the most difficult child-rearing when I’m a baby, but when I think back, I don’t have such happy days!

Let’s stop by Ito-Yokado and go home ♪


Also, the story has a good tempo, the team rocket came out at an early stage, and there was entanglement between Pikachu and Satoshi, so I enjoyed it as usual. No, movies are really good ~ ♡ See you next week!

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