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[Kita-ku] I went to Tokyo’s Manekineko for karaoke with children, but what are the popular songs and kids’ rooms?


My child seem to like singing, so even in the bath, they sing the songs they learned at the athletic meet as “Fun ♪” and shake their bodies to YouTube. I also love to sing ♡


That’s why I didn’t want to go out and was bored at home today. Parents and children visited the neighborhood karaoke “Manekineko”. This is about the 3rd or 4th time. Today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is karaoke with children.


When is karaoke with children OK?


歌った曲は「プリキュア」です★The song I sang is “Pretty Cure” ★


From 4 to 7 years old, we go once or twice a year. The first time with my husband’s mother-in-law. My child was terrifyingly entering a dark room, but I watched mom and Baba sing happily. However, I still couldn’t read “Hiragana” fluently, and I didn’t feel like enjoying it yet.


Pounding ★ It feels like a karaoke debut. I and my husband think that singing is fun, so I didn’t feel guilty at this time. I don’t think it’s good if the atmosphere is covered with cigarettes and alcohol, but the time I went was just after eating dinner.


A child when he was 5 years old

アラジンなどのディズニー系の歌をママが歌い、それに合わせるという感じでした。It was like mom singing Disney songs such as Aladdin and matching them.


hot! However, going out is a hassle, and sometimes karaoke is cheap and air-conditioned, so it’s great ♡ It usually costs train and admission to go anywhere, but karaoke is usually in the neighborhood. (⇒ There are some areas that do not exist, but) And it was not Corona at this time. So I wasn’t worried about going to karaoke more than I needed.


At this time, the children could sing the nursery rhymes learned in kindergarten, the Poyoyon march with their mother, and Disney’s theme songs. I can’t sing through it yet, but it seems that I enjoyed singing songs with a relaxed tempo.


When I went to karaoke with my child at the age of 7

この日はワンオーダー制を選びました♡I chose the one-order system on this day ♡


I went there yesterday when I was a 7-year-old second grader, but I was surprised that it was completely different. Children can sing normally now.






「竜とそばかすの姫」の曲も4曲入っていました♡(JOUSOUNDで)There were also 4 songs from “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” ♡ (at JOUSOUND)

JOYSOUND. Since I was with my children, I didn’t really care about the karaoke model.


全体的に清掃が行き届いていて、安心して遊べました♪The cleaning was perfect overall and I was able to play with peace of mind ♪

I sang such things as, and because there was a corona, I left in exactly one hour.


Fees for 2 parents and children who went with their children for 1 hour


I had a one-drink system and the bill was a little over 1000 yen. One drink 380 yen? I ordered 2 drinks. (Children didn’t drink at all …) My brother said that one drink would be fine, so I wonder if the lowest price is a little over 600 yen per hour?


This is the charge when you put the app on your smartphone and show the barcode of your membership card. So I think it would be more expensive without a discount. When you go to Maneki Neko, it may be better to install the app in advance. If you are traveling with children, the family discount will be applied and the room charge will be for parents only. If you don’t divide the family, it may be about 1200 yen per hour for two people.


What is the kids room of the karaoke “Manekineko”?

キッズルームがあることは知らずに行ってしまいました、、。I went without knowing that there was a kids room.





The kids room is perfect for infants to the lower grades of elementary school. On the contrary, it may not be necessary after the second and third grades of elementary school. My child (7 years old) started to reject children-like programs and music with a feeling of “Ke!”. (⇒ Only our rebellious period …?!) If I knew that there was such a kids room, I should have gone with my mom friend when my child was in a nursery school or kindergarten! !! I thought.