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[Itabashi] Impressions of the movie Sumikko Gurashi 2-Can you cry? Advance sales, benefits, picture books, lottery stories


The fancy goods character “Sumikko Gurashi” first became a movie on November 8, 2019. (Lie! Seriously? Who sees it?) I had a rude impression, but contrary to my prediction, the box office revenue of the first movie, Sumikko Gurashi, was 1.45 billion yen.



I watched the Sumiko movie on DVD later, but I really like the power that is different from the movies I’ve seen so far. So, I went to Aeon Cinema in Itabashi to see “Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko” with my 7-year-old daughter. That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!”


How was it? Impressions of Sumikko Movie 2

板橋イオンシネマではスクリーン10で上映されていました。(2021年11月23日現在)It was shown on screen 10 at Itabashi Aeon Cinema. (As of November 23, 2021)

映画「すみっコぐらし 青い月夜のまほうのコ」は前作が話題になっていたためか、11月5日の公開後にママ友から「子供と観に行った♡」と報告を受けたり、板橋イオンシネマで30分前にムビチケ席指定をする際も、席がほぼ満席でした。すみっコ映画人気、恐るべし、、、!



今回の絵柄、かわいすぎる、、!反則です。This design is too cute! It’s a foul

前作「映画すみっコぐらし とびだす絵本とひみつのコ」では、シンデレラやアラジンなどの絵本の世界に入って大冒険をするというお話でした。脚本は「銀河銭湯パンタくん」の角田貴志が担当し、「がんばれ!ルルロロ」のファンワークスが制作しました。

In the previous work “Movie Sumikko Gurashi: Picture Books and Secrets”, it was a story about entering the world of picture books such as Cinderella and Aladdin and taking a big adventure. The script was written by Takashi Tsunoda of “Galaxy Sento Panta-kun” and produced by Fanworks of “Ganbare! Lulurolo”.

今作「映画すみっコぐらし 青い月夜のまほうのコ」(⇒コは必ずカタカナの模様です、、!)では、「赤ちゃんと僕」がデビュー作の監督・大森貴弘さん、脚本は『劇場版ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン』の吉田玲子さんというビッグネームです♡今回はまほうつかいがサブキャラで出てきますが、まほうを使えても失敗ばかりの「ふぁいぶ」が出てきて、それが物語に深みを与えています。


Then the theme song is BUMP OF CHICKEN! I think there are many people who think “I want to go!” Just for the theme song. Gentle Inohara-san, Motogami-san’s narration, and Fujiwara-san’s vocals are perfect for healing ♡ Girls’ nutritional supplement ♪ It’s a movie with perfect healing.



In this movie, the cute life of Sumikko Gurashi is expressed in the first half, but in the second half, elements such as “what is self-actualization”, “what is a dream”, and “what is life” are slightly projected. increase. Each Sumiko has a dream. Tonkatsu can be eaten by people, cats can improve their style, penguins can find their true self, and so on.

イオンシネマ板橋に置いてあった、無料のフリー雑誌より。すみっこ映画の紹介が載っていました♪From a free free magazine at Aeon Cinema Itabashi. There was an introduction to the Sumikko movie ♪


However, sometimes having that dream also causes worries. “Faibu”, who was separated from the Maho brothers, magically erased “dreams” while everyone was sleeping in order to eliminate the worries of those Sumikos. (⇒ This development, I was quite surprised …!) I was no longer worried because my dreams were gone, but I didn’t see the Sumikos before, and I became a different personality. It can be painful to have a dream, but sometimes I can live happily, and I was a 45-year-old mother who thought that dreams would shape her life. (⇒ Even though the picture is too fancy, I’m thrilled by the gap in this content again!)


For Sumiko fans, dreamy women, children, and schoolgirls


I don’t think this movie is suitable for the average man. (⇒I don’t think I’ll watch it in the first place, but!) In the first place, Sanrio and San-X movies are for children, aren’t they? However, since we do it at the movie theater, there is a length of 60 minutes or more, and we also charge an admission fee. One movie has a certain volume and development, and it is aimed at Sumikko fans ,! When I think about it, I think it will be like this.

すみっコって、若い女性や40代女性(私のことだけど、、!)にも人気なんです♪需要あるんです♡Sumikko is also popular with young women and women in their 40s (I’m …!) ♪ There is demand ♡


イオン板橋の3階にもすみっコグッズは置いてありました。Sumiko goods were also placed on the 3rd floor of Aeon Itabashi.


And since anime production is tokui in Japan, is it surprisingly interesting for adults even though it is a movie for children? !! Word of mouth spread like this. However, I think it’s not suitable for people who are watching only action or flashy Hollywood movies, people who don’t like strange things, and people who like movie reviews. After all the development is slow and the content is light. But the point is that I like it. With cooking. Those who like Sumikko movies also like organic ingredients ♡, and those who don’t like Sumikko movies like gutsuri rice ♡. (⇒I’m sorry for the rough division,!) So, I don’t know which one is right or wrong, and I think it’s a movie that isn’t suitable. However, it was very popular with my second grader, and in the movie theater, I laughed and laughed, and I felt like I was full of love for Sumiko. Sumikko market, terrifying …!


A high-quality, non-stimulating movie that heals like a planetarium

すみっコグッズがあると、ついつい物色してしまいますね。「ママ!ハンドソープ買って~」、、なぜハンドソープ??If you have Sumiko goods, you will end up looking for something. “Mama! Buy hand soap ~”, why hand soap? ??


あなたはどのすみっコがお好き? 引用:映画すみッコぐらし 公式ページ(https://sumikkogurashi-movie.com/character

This time, when I came to AEON Itabashi without assigning a net seat at Mubichike, 30 minutes ago, the good seats were already filled. (⇒ I went into a cold sweat mode like a polar bear in Sumiko), so it was hard to see because I was in the front seat. I think this movie is easier to see in the back. However, the music was beautiful overall and less stimulating, so I was very calm while watching the movie. Anyway, the picture is cute, and while I’m watching the movie, my brain is (cute ~ ♡♡), so it’s not bad for my brain w


There were some scenes where I could laugh and laugh, and I thought (Oh, I’ve been spending a relaxing time after a long time). There may be a certain demand for healing systems, just like “Animal Crossing: New Year’s Forest” was a hit!


Sumikko Movie 2 can cry in the “lizard” mom scene!

とかげの表情がとってもイイ!!The expression of the lizard is very good! !!


45-year-old Haha learned a lot from the movie “Sumikko Gurashi”, but it was the best! The impressive scene is the hugging scene of Lizards and his mother. Lizards want to see their mother, and thanks to the wizard “Faibu”, their dreams come true. I can’t meet the person I want to meet, but I can meet. I wondered if the situation was a little similar to that of us in the corona vortex a while ago.

よろしければ、こちらもどうぞ~!If you don’t mind, please check it out!


After all, people cannot live alone, so I was impressed that I wanted to cherish the time with my close friends and my favorite mother. (⇒But every time I cry, Pokemon and Doraemon movies are more powerful, aren’t they?)


I bought an advance sale but I didn’t have a special picture book;

欲しかったよ~!(45歳です)I wanted it! (45 years old)


This time, I was enthusiastic about purchasing advance tickets in advance (tickets that can be purchased online to enter target theaters nationwide. Seat selection required). It is natural to sell in advance from the day, but it is cheap, and the advance sale was 2,400 yen for adults and children. honest,,. I thought the pre-sale privilege was a picture book, but I misunderstood it.


色合いが小学生が好きそうな感じ♡I feel like elementary school students like the colors ♡ 引用:すみっコ映画 公式ページ(https://sumikkogurashi-movie.com/novelty#:~:text=

There is no benefit even if you buy an advance sale at Mubichike! The privilege of the picture book was the “visitor privilege” that one picture book was distributed to each person who visited the movie theater from the release date on November 5th to the 18th. After the picture book period, mask cases, clear files, etc. should be distributed depending on the time, but by the way, we didn’t get anything; well, no. I might have said it, but I forgot it!





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