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[Kita-ku] Warmama tried and sank in the Akabane Marathon 5km without practice.


Hello. A working mother with a 7 year old child. Before I gave birth to a child, my hobby was to participate in “non-practicing marathons,” and I have participated in various marathons less than 10 times.

For example, this marathon.


I usually write an outing blog with my kids, but this time I ran only with my mom, so I would like to report to everyone how painful it is with no practice! !! (⇒ I don’t think there is any particular demand, but …


Why I don’t practice in the first place

(Before use) I before seeing hell in the 5km marathon.


I’ve always been bad at working hard every day. Therefore, since I was in junior high school, the test has always been soaked overnight. I’ve survived both going on to school and getting a job, so I can’t get into the habit of running because of my habits from that time.


However. Even if I pay for it and apply for a marathon, I can continue to run for 15 to 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks to 1 month. Last time (Autumn 2018), I was able to complete the Akabane Marathon in just over 10km and 1 hour. (It’s not a time I can be proud of at all, but …) After that, I ran in the track and field club when I was in junior high school (I also appeared in the prefectural tournament), so I rely on my memory at that time to allocate the pace.


What is the amount of practice I have done so far?

Take a selfie at home to get the hang of it. Hmm! !!


Entry confirmation email from sports entry.


It has been three months since I entered the Akabane Marathon in January of this year (2021) through the site called Sports Entry (https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/). Speaking of the practice I’ve done so far,


1 week (1km) x 2 times in the park near my home


Around the park near my home for a week (1km) with my daughter x 2 times


Nintendo wii (⇒ I’m still active at home !!) Fitness jogging (short, long, one round of the island) x 40 times


I noticed that I wrote it like this, but even if I added all of them, I didn’t run 5km! !! ;; (⇒ This time is really terrible …)


Saturday, March 13, 2021. Finally the Akabane Marathon is in production

Arrived by bicycle! !! ,,that? Nobody is here? ??


Thanks to this, I sold a lot of clothes the next day ~! !!

Yes. I arrived at the bank of Arakawa via Akabane Iwabuchi by bicycle. My daughter (Hatchan, 7 years old) and her husband were ordered by me at home to price the flea market tomorrow, so they didn’t come to support me, even though my aunt was trying hard to run in the rain.

Ah! I found a person over there! !!


I didn’t check the meeting place until the day of the marathon, so I didn’t know the meeting place, so I searched on my smartphone on the bridge. Then, the e-mail stated “Under the elevated Akabane Shin-Arakawa Bridge”. Looking back, there were a lot of marathon-style people, so I dashed my bicycle around there.


At the reception under the overpass, I said the number and got the number

At the reception under the overpass, I said the number and got the number


I missed the shot, but it was bumpy like a geyser.

When I went under the overpass, the staff said, “The reception is here!” And I hurriedly showed the entry screen of my smartphone. Then, I received a bib with a GPS chip, a receipt for payment, and a commemorative towel. I didn’t bring a change of clothes, so I just watched the rain for a while.


It was a three-quarter (31.64625km) from 11 o’clock, but I lined up incorrectly

Hmm …! Can I run with such fierce men? !!


I had only read the email from the sports entry, but the staff said, “Well, please line up for the three-quarters !!”, but I accidentally lined up at the starting point. I did. However, no matter how I looked at it (this isn’t 5 kg …!), I saw the air. When I asked a nearby staff member, “Ah, is this 5km?”, The answer was “No, it’s a three-quarter.” It was dangerous …! The start of 5km was 10 minutes later.

11:10 スタート!前も思ったけど、平坦で飽きちゃうコース

11:10 Start! I thought before, but the course is flat and boring

I regret that I failed to make these shoes.


赤羽マラソン イメージ(引用:https://event.greenfield.style/event/6091

The countdown has finally begun. For some reason (Is it a woman?), I was wondering, but I was a little worried because I could only find one person. (⇒ It’s too late !!) It’s a start. Before the start, I saw an uncle who seemed to be able to run super-running saying, “Well, let’s go comfortably” and said (You can definitely run !!) w


I enjoyed running the first 1km. However, when I ran about 1km, there was a slope, and this slope gave me a lot of physical strength. When I go up the hill, I aim for the red lock, but I just have to calculate with my head (how long will I go there and how long I will run after that) and how many kilometers I should run. I couldn’t be indifferent at all;


After running about 2km, the first group will come back. When the pacemaker called me, “Let’s do our best!”, I was shocked (lie! I, Biri?). I want to do my best in my heart, but my heart is tingling and I can’t speed up at all. Anyway, I focused on lengthening my breathing to get my breathing in order. (Sorry …!)


The turning point was really long (just sing a song in my head to distract me!), So this time I decided to do a good song operation. Ryujin Kiyoshi, who I listen to every day during work, was singing with my head all the way to the goal.

Hmm. It’s a masterpiece no matter when you listen to it ♡


I finally got the goal ♡ The woman in her 40s was the only one who participated

After all it was a bill! !! Hahaha


I thought I’d walk about three times, but in the second half I just stuck to the young woman in front of me and managed to reach the goal. I’m surprised that I’m so weak. And, although I was a little out of the 5km people (12 people), I was ranked first among women in their 40s (because I am the only one), so the certificate was a “winning prize”. The Akabane Marathon Secretariat also sent me an email saying, “I have won a prize, so I will invite you to the next entry.”


It was hard, but I’m glad I got out! Next time I will practice a little more!


Thank you for visiting. I’m participating in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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