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[Kita-ku] Komeda Coffee Akabane East Exit = crowded. Menu / reservation method when sitting with a child for the third time


The other day, I went sledding with my child to Sapporo, but a male idol who couldn’t sell on the TV I saw at the hotel I stayed at was eating Komeda’s menu and said, “I will definitely go to Komeda when I return to Tokyo!” I strongly thought.


Recently, Komeda coffee was made at the nearby Akabane station, but it’s really crowded. It was so crowded that it made me laugh, so I finally put it in, so this time, “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Will be based on the theme of Komeda Coffee in Akabane.

赤羽のカフェならこちらもどうぞ♡If you are in Akabane’s cafe, this is also recommended ♡


The location of Komeda Akabane East Exit is Softbank on the 1st floor.


Komeda’s Coffee Akabane East Exit has been around for a year and two months since it opened in January 2021 ♡ It’s a 1-minute walk from the East Exit of Akabane Station (the one with Lara Garden). When you exit the east exit, there is a building with Denny’s, a bakery, and a flower shop (Aoyama Flower Market) on your left, so if you go to your left and cross the pedestrian crossing, you will find it on the second floor of the multi-tenant building on your left. There is a Softbank on the 1st floor of Komeda’s Coffee Akabane East Exit, so it will be a landmark.


The entrance to Akabane Komeda is a little difficult to understand


As others have written, the entrance to Akabane Komeda Coffee is not in the front, but in the back of the building.

ビルの向かって右側に沿って、裏側に回るとエレベーターがあります。TN-1 STビルの2階です。

Follow the right side of the building and turn to the back to find the elevator. It is the second floor of the TN-1 ST building.


Komeda Coffee Akabane East Exit is crowded during lunch time.


店内はこんな感じです。The inside of the store looks like this.

There are enthusiastic fans of Komeda Coffee. I’m not that far, so when I always think “Oh, let’s go”, it’s about 11:30 or 12:30 noon. Then, when I went up to the second floor by the elevator and the door opened, there were already people. I can’t get out of the elevator easily



When I looked at my left hand while thinking (Gee, it was crowded), there was an explanation of the waiting system. If you register anything using LINE, it is a convenient system that will call your turn on the line. (A system different from adding friends on LINE) I registered immediately because I thought this was good, but there was a vacancy on the sofa on the right, so we waited normally on the sofa. The waiting time was about 30-40 minutes.



I am very satisfied with the customer service, taste, and menu of Komeda Akabane ♡

わたしたちの座った席は狭かったです。The seat we sat in was small.


So far, I have only written “Komeda Akabane store = crowded”, but the customer service of the part-time job is very pleasant, and I respect it in an instant (even though I am busy with such garbage, it is refreshing and great). did. I think that the world view of Komeda’s interior is a little in the Alps, but on the contrary, there are many people working on smartphones and computers in the store, and the gap is interesting.

窓際の席はパソコンの席なのかな?ゆったりカフェの雰囲気じゃないね。Is the seat near the window a computer seat? It’s not a relaxing cafe atmosphere.


The Komeda coffee menu is still attractive, isn’t it? At this time, we asked for the following menu.


・ Fin cutlet mini plate (790 yen)


・ Mini rice basket (560 yen)


・ Napolitan (770 yen)


・ Calpis (440 yen)


・ American (530 yen)



Komeda Coffee Akabane East Exit store had a takeaway container ready








Is Komeda Coffee fun for kids?


When I was waiting in line on the Komeda coffee sofa, the waiting children were making noise. Since I am raising a child, I can understand the noise of the child and the feelings of the mother. I don’t have to worry about it every time, and I hope the cafe is nice.


However, personally, my child likes a large space (I also), so I think it’s suitable for families with children because I can push it into a small space. There are many adults working on computers here. However, I thought that the menu was difficult because it seems that children like it.


It’s March when I’m suffering from hay fever.

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