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[Kita-ku] I went to the disaster prevention center with elementary school students ♡ I got a souvenir


Hello ~. My child received a “disaster prevention notebook” at an elementary school. When I first saw it, I was flipping through thinking (he ~), but one day, when I was looking for a place where I could change my mood nearby (yes! I got a disaster prevention note and went to the disaster prevention center. Let’s see!)


So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the disaster prevention center in Kita Ward.


What is the Kita Ward Disaster Prevention Center?


The Kita Ward Disaster Prevention Center is a disaster prevention information experience facility located in Takinogawa, Kita Ward. Also known as: Earthquake Science Museum. There is no charge, and of course non-residents of Kita Ward can enter the museum freely.


We headed from Nishigahara station. On the way, I passed the Flowers and Forest Hospital.

business hours
9 am to 5 pm
closing day
Every Monday (open on national holidays and holidays, closed on weekdays immediately after), national holidays (but open on Saturdays), year-end and New Year holidays


The highlight of this disaster prevention center is that you can actually experience useful disaster prevention such as earthquake experience and initial fire extinguishing training. In the past, I used to feel like “disaster prevention? It’s going to be something else”, but after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, I bought disaster prevention goods at Amazon and put them in a backpack near the entrance, or they were buried in debris. Even so, I always carry a whistle so that people will notice it, and the antenna for disaster prevention is in a low position, but it is stretched for the time being ♪


When you arrive at the disaster prevention center, first fill in your name etc.


コレ↑This ↑

The disaster prevention center is a white building, and the left is an ordinary museum-like building. The right side seems to be an experience facility where you can experience earthquakes. When we entered from the building on the left, the uncle called out “Hello” and asked us to write down the name and whether it was a Kita ward resident or from outside the ward. Then, when I said, “Oh, my child got a disaster prevention note from the elementary school,” he said, “Oh! I’ll stamp it. Wait a minute!” I received it. I did it ~ ♪


Feel the earthquake disaster for yourself by “protecting your life”

こんな部屋になったら、かなりブルーになるよね、、。If it becomes such a room, it will be quite blue.


モニターでは地震が来た時の様子を流していました。On the monitor, I was watching what happened when the earthquake hit.

In front of the entrance is the “Save Life” corner in the image above. The exhibition is designed for the time of an earthquake, but the messed up furniture is so real that it makes me cry out unintentionally. When I said, “If a big earthquake hits Tokyo, my house would be like this,” the child said, “I’m scared.” Even adults are scared.


There is also a miniature of shelter life in the “Protecting the area” corner

右側には国内の歴代の地震・災害の年表が張り出されていました。On the right side is a chronological table of successive earthquakes and disasters in Japan.


北海道の地震もあったよね~;There was also an earthquake in Hokkaido ~;

After seeing the shocking furniture collapse, proceed to the aisle on your right. There is an exhibition showing what kind of disasters occurred in Japan in the past in a chronological table, and Japan is once again an earthquake powerhouse, such as “Oh, it’s been five years since the Kumamoto earthquake.” (⇒ Such a big country …!) It makes me realize what it is. In the exhibition where there are many Chinese characters like this and only reading is done, my child in elementary school 2 is still uncomfortable, so I was worried for a moment (Ah, I wonder if I brought it and failed).


The pool is on the clothesline! In the situation so far, it seems that we can live strongly.


A sample display of fall prevention examples


Along the way, there was a sample room with earthquake countermeasures, which was insanely helpful.

In addition, on the first floor of the Kita Ward Disaster Prevention Center, an easy-to-understand illustration of the mechanism such as “Why does an earthquake occur in the first place?” Was exhibited under the title of “Basic knowledge of earthquakes”. My elementary school student is still in the second grade, so there are many Chinese characters that I can’t read, so I wasn’t interested (sorry …) and passed by, but I’m interested in this. I’m used to convenient life such as smartphones and smart speakers, but human beings are originally monkeys, and the earth is a natural thing, so it’s not a wonderland that will continue to exist.

これを見たあと、またamazonで防災食を買いだめしときました。After seeing this, I stocked up on disaster prevention food at amazon again.


The Kita Ward Disaster Prevention Center also had an experience corner on the second floor and opposite, but in my case my child got tired and said “I want to play in the park”, so that’s it. It would be nice if even 5% thought about an earthquake.


Next to the disaster prevention center is Takinogawa Gymnasium, and near Takinogawa Park


The disaster prevention center is located on the grounds of Takinogawa Park. So, even if the child isn’t interested in the disaster prevention center like ours (I mean, it’s the same for ordinary children, isn’t it?) It’s okay ♡ You can go to the park and cheat ♪ Let’s go out and play with children a lot! I thought that I was on my way home. See you again!