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[Noda City] Adults are welcome to make reservations for Shimizu Park Athletics ♡ Explain access (bus) and congestion!


It’s autumn ♡ One weekend in September, when I asked an elementary school child “Where do you want to go?”, He answered “Athletic!”. When I said that to my husband, he told me, “If it’s the most amazing athletics in this area, isn’t it Noda’s athletics? It seems to be the best in Japan.”h


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Noda’s athletics.


What kind of park is Shimizu Park in Noda City?


Not only athletics, but also camping and barbecue, flower fantasia (flower garden), pony ranch, and much more!



Shimizu Park, located in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, has one of the largest athletics in Japan. In addition, there are other facilities such as camping and trout fishing where you can fully enjoy the outdoors, and it is a wonderful park that makes you want to go with your family or a good friend group on a good night ♡


東武野田線「清水公園駅」の改札で右に出ると、「こんにちは のだでそだって わたしはしあわせ」のシュールな像が。At the ticket gate of “Shimizu Koen Station” on the Tobu Noda Line, you will see a surreal statue of “Hello, I’m happy”.


Speaking of Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, the soy sauce “Kikkoman” is famous. In addition to soy sauce, there are also yakiniku sauce, “our rice” and packed soy milk, and there are many hit products. Opened in 1894 by Mr. Kashiwae Mogi, the 5th generation of the soy sauce brewing industry, in Noda City. (⇒ It has a tremendous history !!) The catch phrase is “Nature and friends” (* Above, wiki information) because I want you to enjoy playing with nature like the “Jomon people” who used to be around here. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.)


It was in trouble because there was no restaurant in front of Shimizu Park station!

The figure just outside the ticket gate of Shimizu Koen Station, which makes you think that nothing will happen.


I found a signboard of “Shimizu Park”. If you go straight on this road, you will see Shimizu Park on your right.

I thought, “Let’s get hungry before going athletic!” It’s the way to Shimizu Park, but according to Google Map, it says “Get off the station and walk 1km”. It was a hot day for October, so I thought that my elementary school student (Hatchan) would never get tired before athletics, so I searched for a restaurant near Shimizu Koen Station.


おいしそうなお寿司を前に、にこ~っと笑顔のこども♡(お子様寿司 960円、アイスクリーム付き)

Children with a smile in front of delicious sushi ♡ (Children’s sushi 960 yen, with ice cream)


This is the “favorite sushi” that my mom ordered. It was 1200 yen with coffee. It’s a little expensive in Tokyo.


Believing in Google Map, I wasted an hour walking and my legs got tired.


Well, I should have eaten sushi and went straight up the slope, but I just heard GoogleMap and turned right at the post office on the right. This is the luck of luck


アスレチック前なのに、たくさん歩かせちゃってごめんね、、。I’m sorry I walked a lot even though it was before athletics.

For some reason, we got lost on the grounds of Shimizu High School, and Hatchan, an elementary school student, suggested “Mom! Let’s go back to the first road!” And managed to correct the trajectory to Shimizu Park. I’m sorry for 45 years old when I get help from a 7 year old child; I’m really a metamorphosis that my mom likes to go out because she has no sense of direction, so my child is getting stronger and stronger.


Shimizu Park Athletic must be booked by the day before

↑清水公園の予約メールです。This is a reservation email for Shimizu Park.


As of October 2021. For athletics in Shimizu Park, you must make a reservation from the official website (https://www.shimizu-kouen.com/public-reservation-athletic) by the day before. Reservation starts one month in advance, and it seems that even if you try to go on the day, it will be refused. Hatchan and I arrived at the reception around 14:00. When I said my last name to the reception staff, “It’s OO,” he said, “Yes, OO, yes, there was!” And marked it with a marker with a printed list of reservations. rice field.


平和島のアスレチックもいいですよ♡Heiwajima athletics are also good ♡

If you want to cancel, please follow the link in the reservation email. Well, the state of emergency has been declared for the time being, but Corona is still not at all relieved, and I wonder if Noda City is saying something. I want to go on the day! If so, make a reservation for the next week or find another place to play!


Saturday, October 2021! There are people but it’s not crowded.

なんか開業は古いみたいだけど、施設は新しい感じだね♪It seems that the opening is old, but the facility is new ♪


Let’s play now. The athletic fee for Shimizu Park is 1,000 yen for adults. Elementary school students: 700 yen. It’s cheap! !! Family & common people’s ally! This fee really helps me to play for a whole day; (Uh …)

I got lost at 14:00, so I couldn’t go to other facilities at all. Tohoho …! Tone deafness, I want to heal.


Surprisingly, cashless payments such as credit cards and watermelons were OK. The times have changed.


The athletics were too wide to line up

入口入ってすぐのところにある、コンプラ号。かわいい、、。The Compla, which is right after the entrance. Tiny,,.


When I arrived at the athletics, there were many families and young people (couples and groups). It’s too refreshing for young people to come to such athletics in private ♡ (My college days were for drinking and techno and dyeing my hair


wide,,. There are many people, but it’s a playground that is resistant to infectious diseases because it’s so large.

At Shimizu Park, work gloves and towels were also sold. There is also a shower and changing room, so it doesn’t matter how dirty it is!


There are three types of athletics: (1) adventure course, (2) challenge course, and (3) water course.



Course map. It seems that infants cannot do red-colored athletics.


This time, we did about 25 adventure courses and challenge courses in total. The next day, I had a bun in front of my thighs, and Hatchan had a complete muscle aches, saying, “I have a pain in my stride!”; Next time, Air Salo is a must!


Discover a 100 yen bus between Shimizu Koen Station and Shimizu Park!

I felt so sad and good, so I took a video for this music. ..


When I was in Shimizu Park until 16:30, the staff on the bicycle said, “The park will be closed in 30 minutes.” Good ~, when I thought that I wanted to ride a bicycle in the woods, it was the staff w



なごり惜しそうにロッカーを開ける、小学生、、。An elementary school student who opens the locker with regret.


Please note that the number is small!


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