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[Minato Ward] Staying with children in Mesm Tokyo ♡ Enjoy piano practice, Peko-chan amenities and breakfast discounts


I have an Amex credit card called “SPG” since 2020. (⇒ There are many people who are more familiar with SPG than I am, so I will omit it;) At first, I was not particularly interested in foreign-affiliated hotels, but like many other hotel bloggers and land mylars, I am also Gradually, I became aware of the appeal of Marriott-affiliated hotels and SPG.

人生一発目のマリオットホテル↑。子供と夏休みにプールに行こうとして、なんとプールがなかったという凡ミス記事。The first Marriott hotel in my life ↑. An article about a mistake that there was no pool when I tried to go to the pool with my child during the summer vacation.


This time, I would like to introduce a rare journey where our unfashionable family stays with children at a fashionable hotel called “Mess Tokyo”, which is a hot topic among Marriott hotel lovers ♡


Mesm Tokyo is expensive for families with SPG

上はヒルトンオナーズカードで、下はSPGカードです。The top is the Hilton Honors Card and the bottom is the SPG Card.


My family has an average annual income and is a non-celebrity household. Basically, there was a house rule that travel should be done only once a year, but I was dissatisfied with it (once a year, too few), and I managed to travel without burdening my household budget in every way. I am studying how to enjoy this every day. (⇒ It is a type that burns passion for crap)

目の前には竹芝桟橋と東京湾がありました。In front of me was Takeshiba Pier and Tokyo Bay.



So, as many people are writing online, I was able to use the benefits of the SPG card to stay in a room worth about 80,000 yen for free at the end of the year on December 28 ♡ (probably) because , The market price of Mesm Tokyo is around 70,000 to 100,000 yen per room per night, but every year, SPG card holders say “free night award at the time of renewal”, if there is a vacancy, 1 from the grant. You will be entitled to one night in a standard room at any time within the year. This time, I took advantage of that benefit. The annual membership fee of the SPG card is about 34,000 yen, but if you spend about 60,000 to 100,000 yen every month as a living expense, 100,000 points for 3 nights on weekdays of the most inferior “Mokushi” of the Marriott brand in one and a half years. A considerable amount has accumulated.


Mesm Tokyo is the best hotel for families and children

メズム東京の18階の1813(うろおぼえ)というお部屋。子連れらしく、左下にパンダのぬいぐるみを置いてみました♡A room called 1813 (remember) on the 18th floor of Mesm Tokyo. Like a child, I put a panda stuffed animal in the lower left ♡


Mesm Tokyo was built in 2020 by the tie-up of JR East with the largest foreign-affiliated hotel chain group “Marriott”. There are several brands in Marriott, but Mesm is positioned as one of the unique and luxurious hotels called “Autograph Collection”. Yes, it’s different from the hotels that are usually used by families and families! But, I think it’s a very suitable hotel for families with children …!


(Reason 1) The room is large and there is a mechanism, so the child

うちの中でも常に元気な7歳は、メズム東京の部屋の中でも大興奮で探検しまくりました。。The 7-year-old, who is always energetic, explored with great excitement in the room of Mesm Tokyo.



メズム東京のバスルームはガラス張りですが、防火扉?みたいな壁がひっぱりだせて、アレンジできました。The bathroom in Mesm Tokyo is fitted with glass, but is it a fire door? I was able to arrange it by pulling out a wall like this.

The room we stayed in at Mesm Tokyo this time is a room with two king size beds on the 18th floor, which is two floors above the lobby on the 16th floor. Looking at the official page, Chapter 2 has a room area of ​​43-44㎡. I once stayed at a cheap hotel with “almost only a bed” of about 16㎡ with my child, but at that time, I felt like I was in a rabbit hut, and the tension of the child was low. When I stayed at Hotel Okura before, the room was 40㎡, so it seems like a luxury hotel = large. (Of course …!)


In addition, Mesm Tokyo is not only wide, but also has a mysterious trunk (⇒ was a decoration) and a figurine like a spellbook (⇒ was an amenity), such as pulling out the wall to divide it. There were tools for making tea and a glass-enclosed bath, and there were gimmicks that both adults and children could get excited about.


大人用のバスローブのベルトに興味深々の小学生。まるで魔法使いが使いそうなベルトです、、!Elementary school students who are very interested in bathrobe belts for adults. It’s like a belt that a witch might use …!

The concept of Mesm Tokyo is “Tokyo Waves”, and Japanese, waves and blue are scattered everywhere, but the other concept may be “story”! ?? The room type is called “Chapter”, and the amenities are in something like a spellbook (dictionary?), Which is full of playfulness.

部屋の入口の左手にはクローゼットコーナーが。このすみっこも、子供の隠れ家やおままごとの場所になってしまう。There is a closet corner on the left side of the room entrance. This sumikko also becomes a place for children’s hideouts and playhouses.


(Reason 2) CASIO’s electronic piano Privia is installed in all rooms ♡


As is often written in other people’s “I went to Mesm Tokyo ♡” blog, electronic pianos are installed in all rooms. Whether you are a child who is currently learning the piano or a child who is interested in the piano, it will be fun to touch it while you are staying. (It doesn’t help much for children who hate the piano! I’m not interested in it, but …)

メズムに泊まるため、家から楽譜を持ってきた母。。A mother who brought a score from home to stay at Mesm. ..


(Reason 3) There is a catchy production (showcase etc.)

メズム東京のエントランス。The entrance to Mesm Tokyo.



Then the lobby is a masterpiece. The ceiling is high, and you can see the Hamarikyu proposal and the Tokyo Sky Tree. Our energetic elementary school students are also impressed and looking at the scenery with a feeling like (Hoo …). I thought that elementary school students would be quiet when they were impressed.

天井にはきらめく光を思わせるアーティスティックなオブジェが。There is an artistic object on the ceiling reminiscent of sparkling light.
全面ガラス張りで、開放感のあるロビーです。The lobby is entirely glass-enclosed and has a feeling of openness.


The best part is the “showcase” that we do every night. A showcase is a free live show held in the lobby every night at 7 and 8:30. This is a very nice and private Blue Note Tokyo illusion. When I stayed on December 28th, there were at least 3-4 families with children who came to see this showcase. I don’t know if everyone is coming with SPG card benefits like me, but w

ロビーの花は洋風と和風が同居していて、本当に素敵でした。アート!The flowers in the lobby were both Western and Japanese, and they were really nice. art!


What are the amenities and Peko-chan you care about?

子供用のアメニティセットです。Amenity set for children.


子供アメニティセットは部屋に置いてありました。パジャマ、スリッパ、歯磨きセット、シャンプーでした。The children’s amenity set was in the room. They were pajamas, slippers, toothpaste sets, and shampoo.

Those who are interested in Mesm Tokyo often search for amenities. I don’t use the amenities much this time (sorry); I didn’t want to break the amenities in a clean book, so I only used the toothbrush set in the spellbook-like amenities. The toothbrush was very similar to the toothbrush handmade by the craftsmen used at home. (Co-op guy)


The room in 1813 had a make-up corner and was equipped with a mirror, lotion, and cotton puffs, so it might be helpful for women to stay ♡ There was also a pack of Kose’s snow-skinned spirit. (But I didn’t use it either.) I was curious about shampoo and hand soap, but since it looks like an original brand that says THE BLEND, I don’t know which manufacturer it was originally from. did. Hair dryers, coat pill removers, ironing boards, beer bottle openers, ice picks, etc. There are 2 bottles of beer, 2 bottles of Fanta and 2 bottles of water in the refrigerator, and I was told that I could drink them all.


In addition, Sarutahiko coffee pack x 2, tea bag x 2, matcha powder x 2, etc. Amenity is substantial. Also, I’m a little happy that there were 3 boxes of Mesm Tokyo original milky. (Only one box was given as a souvenir!)

冷蔵庫にある飲み物はすべて栓抜きで開けるタイプでした。ビールはハートランドです。All drinks in the refrigerator can be opened with a bottle opener. Beer is Heartland.


Breakfast reservations cannot be made at check-in during times of congestion

SPGカード特典で、チェックアウト時間が~14時となりました。With the SPG card benefits, the check-out time is now ~ 14:00.


I thought, “I can stay for free, and it’s a little expensive, but let’s reserve breakfast.” When I said “I would like to have breakfast” at check-in, “It’s very crowded at this time. Even if you make a reservation, you may have to wait for an hour, so it is recommended to make a reservation. I will not do it. ” Yeah? is that so. Oh, I wanted to eat Eggs Benedict! The reservation was too late. Everyone, please be careful during the busy season ,, ;;


It was 5,500 yen instead of 00 yen



There is FamilyMart Yasukiya within a 1-minute walk from Mesm Tokyo ♡

すいません、夜ごはんもファミマ。しかも食べ終わったあとです。I’m sorry, the evening meal is also FamilyMart. Moreover, after eating.


I often go out with my kids, so this time I had a lot of food, and I had FamilyMart meals at night and in the morning. (There is no such person, isn’t it!) By the way, the room service at Mesm Tokyo is quite cheap, and there are some items on the menu that you can eat at the Chinese bun 1500 yen or 1000 yen level. But I’m a big eater. Next time, I would like to save a lot of money and go to lunch at Mesm. Thank you for visiting!