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[Minato Mirai] Anitouch is rather crowded. About animal types, discounts, places, and contact


新宿区・高田馬場の猫カフェにも行ったよ。I also went to a cat cafe in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ward.

Speaking of “a place where children can touch animals,” I think it’s a zoo. However, the zoo may need a numbered ticket at Corona, or it may be inconvenient because it is far away. An animal contact shop near the shopping center is convenient at such times ♡


My husband, I, and children all like animals, so at the end of the year I went to “Anitouch Minato Mirai” on the 2nd floor of Yokohama World Porters. It was more fun than I expected, so I will report it ♪ So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Anitouch from Minato Mirai, Yokohama.


I went to Anitouch with my kids at the end of the year but it was crowded

店内に入ってすぐのモルモット付近は常時こんな感じでした。The area around the guinea pig right after entering the store was always like this.


Extremely crowded with guinea pig feeding


入口から入ってすぐ右手にいるカタフトフクロウさん。寝ている姿もかわいかったです。Mr. Taft Owl on the right hand side after entering from the entrance. The sleeping figure was also cute.

I went to my house without collecting any information, asking “What is Anitouch?” It was the year-end and New Year holidays, but there is also a corona and it’s not so crowded! I thought, but it was fairly crowded; but it wasn’t very crowded and I put it in the store right away. The crowded areas are (1) guinea pigs, (2) chicks, and (3) hand-held parakeets. For some reason, the area around Rabbit wasn’t very crowded, and Fennec, who couldn’t feed directly, wasn’t so crowded around Owl.


モルモットコーナーは横浜らしい展示♡たくさんの親子連れがいて、最も混雑していました。The guinea pig corner is an exhibition that is typical of Yokohama ♡ It was the most crowded with many parents and children.


Rabbits and animals that cannot feed directly are not crowded



There were several chairs for resting near Usagi-chan, and tired moms and dads were taking a break there. (⇒I understand …!) The kids seem to have a lot of fun and are always excited. Even at the age of 7 at my house, my eyes were much more lively than when I stayed at the hotel. (⇒ The amount of money you are spending is completely different, though!)


Kind of animal in Anitouch


It seems that there are more than 20 kinds of Anitouch, and more than 300 animals. I didn’t know it at all, but when I looked at the official page, it seems that it was also treated on TV programs such as King’s Brunch and Mezamashi 8. Anitouch just opened in October 2021, so it’s still fresh. The facility was new and the animals were full of energy (I think).


A cute rabbit with glittering eyes


わたし可愛い?とでも言っているようなキュートさ。ウサギの可愛さの破壊力ワロタ、って感じ。Am I cute? It’s cute like saying that. It feels like the destructive power of a rabbit’s cuteness.

The rabbit corner is on the far right after entering Anitouch. There was the above-mentioned brown rabbit in the foreground, and everyone was feeding me and stroking me, and I felt comfortable. I ran away because I hated being stroked on the way, so I wondered for a moment (Is this place happy for animals?), But after a while, another rabbit came in place of the brown rabbit. So I was relieved that the animals were resting well.


Feed me! The gesture is cute ♡ Guinea pig

モルモットは荒川遊園地や板橋のこども動物園でもふれあい体験をしましたが、アニタッチのモルモットコーナーはとても大きいですね。モルモットの数もたくさんいて、まるで横浜ベイブリッジのような橋や坂などの仕掛けのあるおうちなので、さまざまな角度や表情のモルモットを見られます。餌の青草をあげると、何匹もわ~と寄ってきて奪い合いになるさまは本当に愛らしいです♡ 女の子も男の子も、モルモットコーナーにくぎ付けでしたね。

通常の4倍入った青草は、タイムセールで500円で販売されていました。Aogusa, which contained four times as much as usual, was sold at a time sale for 500 yen.

Guinea pigs also had a contact experience at Arakawa Amusement Park and Itabashi Children’s Zoo, but the guinea pig corner of Anitouch is very large. There are many guinea pigs, and since it is a house with bridges and slopes like the Yokohama Bay Bridge, you can see guinea pigs from various angles and expressions. It’s really adorable that when you feed the green grass, many of them come close to each other and scramble for each other ♡ Both girls and boys were glued to the guinea pig corner.


Big ears are adorable ♡ Fennec

フェネックを見たのはアニタッチが初でした。とっても可愛いお顔をしています!Anitouch was the first to see a fennec fox. I have a very cute face!


二匹が寄り添って寝ています♡Two of them are sleeping close together ♡

Fennec, a dog-like animal with big ears like a fox. It looks like a lovely figure that seems to appear in the anime game “Pokemon”. My 7-year-old daughter screamed “Fennec ~~ ♡♡” as soon as she saw Fennec. I was crying for food many times, so when I said, “Buy it at my own expense!”, I bought Fennec fox food many times on my own. (But in the second half, Fennec fox fell asleep and had too much food …;)


You can’t lift it by hand, but everyone lifted the “chick”


The rules are explained before entering Anitouch. One is not to lift the animal. Do not use the flash on the camera. Animals are so scared that you shouldn’t force them to touch them. However, at the chick corner, the children were holding it in their hands ww I thought it couldn’t be helped with this size.



Hand-riding parakeet on a boat


The hand-held parakeet was very popular with girls. You long for being able to put a bird on your finger or shoulder. It’s an experience that can’t be done in the city. The experience of directly interacting with animals like this is small




About Anitouch locations and discounts




On the outer deck on the 2nd floor, the arrow to Anitouch guides you like this, so it’s easy to go.

今回は時間なくてお店に行きませんでしたが、次回は絶対寄りたいです!I didn’t go to the store this time because I didn’t have time, but I definitely want to stop by next time!


It’s an Anitouch Minato Mirai ticket, but we went suddenly on the day without making a reservation and put it in immediately. (It was December 29th) It seems that there is no online reservation for tickets. And there seems to be no discount. (Mom’s research) It seems that you can get a discount if you show the ticket when you enter Anitouch at the target store of Yokohama World Porters.

Anitouch does not have a toilet and has a vending machine. The toilet is on the left corner just outside the entrance.


アニタッチの入口はこちらです。The entrance to Anitouch is here.

However, Anitouch is free for infants under 3 years old. I also like the fact that there is no time limit. There is no such thing as 700 yen per hour. However, re-entry is not possible, so it is recommended after having lunch.


にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 東京お出かけスポットへ