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[Misato City] What are Thomas Town’s access, congestion, blogs, and goods?


One day, I suddenly not worth the year thought, “It’s like the real thing of Thomas!” Fuji-Q? I saw some kind of Thomas advertisement.


However, going to Fuji-Q from home is difficult because it costs a lot of money and hotels. So, if you look for a place where Thomas is nearby, isn’t it in Misato, Saitama?


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Will be sent at “Thomas Town in Misato City” ♡


How to get to Thomas Town?

Hatchan is happy to ride Thomas ♡ The appearance of children playing is adorable all over the world ♡

武蔵野線 / 新三郷駅 西口出口より徒歩約3分のららぽーと新三郷の2階にあります。南モールです。徒歩3分といいながら、実際は子連れで行けば駅の改札口から10分くらいはかかります。

It is located on the 2nd floor of LaLaport Shin Misato, about a 3-minute walk from the west exit of Musashino Line / Shin Misato Station.
South mall.Although it is said to be a 3-minute walk, it actually takes about 10 minutes from the ticket gate of the station if you go with your child.

トーマスタウンへは事前予約なしで来園できます。時間短縮とマスクにご注意を! 引用:公式
You can visit Thomas Town without prior reservation. Be careful of time saving and masks!


Check out this article about TeamLab in LaLaport Fujimi!

This kind of amusement park system in LaLaport is not so rare nowadays. However, it was epoch-making in 2009 when this Thomas Town was created. From things to things. It seems that the store opened because it was no longer possible to call customers just by selling products.


How busy is Thomas Town?

Hachiko was glued to this playground equipment


Well, I went there a long time ago on weekdays (;) in November 2017, but it was a weekday so it was vacant. Even if you line up, it’s about 5 to 10 minutes.


However, according to various investigations, it seems to be quite crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, and it seems that measures such as taking off at noon and going out in the evening are necessary. (It’s hard to bring children …)


How about Thomas Town, honestly? Is the price high?


A nice place in Thomas Town. That’s where the admission fee is 0 yen ♪ So if you just go inside and hang out or buy souvenirs, it’s 0 yen.

1 Thomas = 200 yen. expensive,,!


But after all I want to play games and attractions. In that case ● You have to buy the currency called Thomas in cash.

Sorry for the hard-to-see image; it’s a playground equipment corner called Brendam Dog. 4 Thomas!


For example, if you want to play with an athletic-like “Blendam dog” made in a ball pool or online, it costs 200 yen x 800 yen because it is 4 Thomas.

引用:公式ページ  https://www.thomastown.jp/shinmisato/play/


So, how much does it cost for a child to play each of the paid attractions OR games (1) to (4), which I love to make tables? I calculated w

②ブレンダム・ドッグ※プレイエリア 4トーマス800円
③トーマスのくるくるカーニバル 3トーマス600円
④Go!OG!ソドーてつどう 3トーマス600円


The total was 2,800 yen. .. Hmmm, is it expensive? cheap? Speaking of which, I only have an hour to an hour and a half, so is it slightly expensive? I think. But boys will go without hesitation!


I went to Thomas Town, but I also played at the Round One game corner;

Hatchan moved from Thomas Town to Round One



Well, Thomas (⇒ I’m not a foreign friend w) has an admission fee of 0 yen, so it’s a good value, but I pay 800 yen at a time. What I’m going to do is the Tokyo Dome City method.

so I let Hatchan do only “Kurukuru Carnival” and “Brendam Dog”, and the rest is a Round One (LaLaport Inner Sky Garden 2nd-4th floor) game. I played in the corner.

If this is the case, you can play for 100 yen!


It’s free to buy only goods in Thomas Town! Which one is the best seller?



There is a souvenir corner in Thomas Town, which is called “Napford Market”. ( ⇒ British style ) We recommend Thomas’s face-shaped pochette (2,300 yen) ♡

10 Thomas (= 2,000 yen worth) is included, so the pochette fee is actually 300 yen! !! It’s a bargain ♪


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