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[Taito-ku] Review of Mr. Fukahori’s goldfish shop in Ueno! Tickets, goods and lunch with children


Mr. Fukahori’s three-dimensional and unique work has been seen many times in online articles since the fall of 2021. When I first saw it, I was impressed and decided that (this exhibition is definitely going to be seen!).



So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Ryusuke Fukahori’s solo exhibition “Fishbowl / Earth Bowl” in the Ueno Royal Museum. (Digression) By the way, the art exhibition that exhibited the goldfish “Art AQUARIUM” in Nihonbashi has collapsed. I was relieved because it was written on the internet that the goldfish was an exhibition method that seemed to be painful.


How to purchase tickets for the goldfish exhibition, fees, etc.

金魚絵師・深堀隆介 チケット画像 Goldfish painter Ryusuke Fukahori ticket image 急に思いつきヘンな場所で撮った雑な私、、。


I bought the ticket for the goldfish artist Fukahori’s exhibition (single exhibition) at the counter right after entering the entrance of the Ueno Royal Museum. This exhibition does not have to be booked in advance, which is very helpful. It’s OK to go suddenly. Since the period is from December 2, 2021 to January 31, 2022, advance tickets can no longer be purchased.


一般 General1,600円
高校・大学生 High school / university student1,300円
小・中学生 Elementary and junior high school students800円


Is there a discount on tickets for the Shusuke Fukahori exhibition?


Persons with a disability certificate and their attendants are free of charge. Also, according to my research, there are no discounts. It seems that there was a ticket present on a travel site (book) called “Kotoripp” in early December, but it has already ended. .. However, the contents were so rich that I could get the ticket fee, and it was a wonderful exhibition.


Tickets with goods are also on sale



Another type of ticket is a ticket with candy. Tickets with candy were sold only with advance tickets. However, this candy is sold at the shop at the end of the exhibition for 1,000 yen each. Goldfish and candy go well with “The Japan” ~ ♪


Review of ball bowl exhibition by me

金魚鉢:地球鉢展では一部の作品(3か所)のみ撮影OKです。Fishbowl: Only some of the works (3 places) can be photographed at the Earth Bowl Exhibition.



It was quite crowded


子が撮影したので、上下逆になった、、まあいいや。It was taken by a child, so it turned upside down.


Only a few people line up to buy tickets for the exhibition. I will be able to enter the venue soon. However, the content of the exhibition is a small three-dimensional work using resin in a box called “Goldfish Sake”, and people are densely buried in front of the glass case. I thought (this is impossible), and I saw several vacant exhibitions saying “Hatchan, let’s see this first”, relying on the voice of the curator who said “The route is free”. It stayed only.




Ryusuke Fukahori, a 48-year-old artist from Aichi prefecture. Instead of making goldfish paintings and works from the beginning, when I was boiled down saying “I can’t eat with art,” I happened to find a goldfish aquarium in my room and said, “This is it!” He woke up as if he had been instructed by him (he calls it “salvation” for goldfish), and after that, he was born with the unique and unique style of the present.


Such words are scattered throughout the exhibition hall, so you can easily understand your personality. It’s good that I’m not an artist.

もう終わっちゃいましたが、アート好きなかたはどうぞ~。It’s over, but if you like art, please.


I realized that “Fukahori” is the keyword of genius.

ちょっと村上隆チックな作品もありました。There was also a slightly Takashi Murakami-like work.


After waking up to “goldfish,” Fukahori first wrote a picture of a goldfish on a calligraphy paper and sold it for 500 yen each. (I can’t buy it at that price now!) Next, I thought it might be good for goldfish to go through “water” in everyday life and unreality, so I put resin in an empty box of sweets such as coconut sable. I came up with a method to draw a picture of a goldfish like a millefeuille by flowing it in multiple layers and fascinating it three-dimensionally.


I’m a web writer, but I think that what is required of articles in recent years is “Fukahori”. Shallow content cannot be ranked high in Google search. In the same way, the talent to create works from such various perspectives with the motif of goldfish is exactly “Fukahori”.


I wondered why an artist can dig so deeply, and that’s why his talent blooms and he becomes a genius. Even when raising children, I don’t want to be a parent who gives a voice that interferes with what the child wants to do as much as possible while doing the minimum discipline.



上野動物園の前後にど~ぞ♡ ひとりでも親子でもお友達とも入りやすい雰囲気です。Before and after Ueno Zoo ♡ It’s an atmosphere that makes it easy for parents and children to enter alone.


Saturday, January 22, 2022. Again, we parents and children came to Ueno, but the food court with Lotteria etc. was crushed; instead, I found it across the road with a panda sign in a very easy-to-understand place near the Ameya side entrance. This shop, which is open, is “Bread than rice ?!”.

入口には笹とパンちゃんがたくさんいます♡There are a lot of bamboo grass and bread at the entrance ♡


This is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious bread and drinks whether you take out or eat in. There are always more than 25 types of bread. Some bread sells out early depending on the time of day. Is it panda bread for children? The price is not high, and when you go upstairs, there are many pictures of Shanshan and twin pandas decorated with steel, and children will surely be overjoyed …!

Since the article of Mr. Panda is displayed, I just admire it. Panda time is happy time ♡
パンダさんでテンション爆上がりの我が家の小学生。。An elementary school student at my home who is a panda and has a high tension. ..


It is a 1-minute walk from the Hirokoji exit of Ueno station and a 2-minute walk from the park exit. By all means, please go for a walk with parents and couples and get panda power ♡ (You can also use credit cards.)


Contents of goods sale of Mr. Fukahori’s goldfish exhibition


At the end of the exhibition, there are various merchandise sales venues associated with Mr. Fukahori’s art. In addition to standard items such as postcards and clear files, there are cute goods that can be used by people of all ages, from children to housewives, such as gacha-gacha (500 yen), goldfish fortune-telling (200 yen each time), towels, and drainage ditch covers. It’s a complete lineup. For some reason, there were many couples looking for something here ♡

金魚をモチーフにした素敵なグッズ♡オリジナルじゃないのも含まれてそう。Nice goods with a goldfish motif ♡ It seems that it includes things that are not original.
色合いが素敵な金魚クリアファイル。Goldfish clear file with nice colors.


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