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[Urayasu City] I went to the hotel’s day-use mama plan!


Raising children has become much easier now, but I was very tired until I was about 0 to 3 years old, and I was often “rewarding myself”;


At that point, I found a day trip mom plan at the “Shin-Urayasu Oriental Hotel” near my parents’ house! It’s a super cute room, so I wanted to go there.


The theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is a day-use plan for a hotel in Shin-Urayasu, which is a little longer.


What is the day use of Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay?

It looks like this in front of Shin-Urayasu station at night


Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay used to be called “Shin-Urayasu Oriental Hotel”, but before I knew it, it was renamed to “Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay”. Shin-Urayasu, you want to give it a more Tokyo feel.


One station from Maihama Station, where Disney Resort is located, is Shin-Urayasu Station on the JR Keiyo Line. You can move without getting wet even in the rain in the passage directly connected from the ticket gate ♡

It’s November, so Santa’s decoration ♪


In terms of hotel rank, it’s a little below the neighboring Brighton Hotel (because the building is old) and above the middle. You can make a reservation for about 7,000 to 4,500 yen for a small room with one person per night without meals.


The Baby Suite & Kiddy Suite at the Oriental Hotel is so cute!

Hatchan smiling in a big bed (2 years old at that time)


引用:オリエンタルホテル東京ベイ 公式ページ


引用:オリエンタルホテル東京ベイ 公式ページ 

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay has been certified by MIKI HOUSE Child-rearing Research Institute as a “welcome baby inn”. I mean, when I’m looking for a hotel on a trip with children, I come across this “welcome baby inn” quite a bit, by searching


” Barba “is always organizing your luggage, w


There is a fountain in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Oriental Hotel ♡

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay has been certified by MIKI HOUSE Child-rearing Research Institute as a “welcome baby inn”. I mean, when I’m looking for a hotel on a trip with children, I come across this “welcome baby inn” quite a bit, by searching.

However, this baby suite and kiddy suite are highly recommended as they are designed for babies & toddlers!
We made a cheap room called Eclair Room (Double) for day use (up to 4 hours stay).It is a small room of 22 square meters.


Price of Kiddy Room (Day Use) Booked from Ikyu

This is a reservation email from my favorite “Ikkyu”


I went there four years ago, so I forgot the fee; so when I looked at the email, it was as follows.

●施設名       :オリエンタルホテル 東京ベイ
●利用日時      :2016年11月02日(水)13:00
●プラン名称     :【デイユース】ママとお子様の為のお部屋を体験!【最大4時間ステイ(13:00〜17:00)】
●食事        :食事なし
●お部屋       :【Kiddy Sweet】エクレールルーム(ダブル) × 1部屋
●宿泊人数      :大人2名 + 子供1名
●支払方法      :現地決済
●支払総額      :\3,960[消費税・サービス料込]
  内訳(プラン料金       : \6,000)
    (即時利用ポイント    : -40pt)
    (割引クーポン      : -\2,000 [7A7T9EK9])
●獲得予定ポイント  :0pt (40ptを即時利用)

Hatchan touching the drums with Aeon Shimamura Musical Instruments from Shinurayasu


Looking at this statement, for some reason I have a coupon for 2,000 yen or something, and after deducting it, it is 3,960 yen for 3 people (2 adults, 1 child 2 years old). It’s perfect for taking a break with your baby ♡


By the way, when I checked the official list price of the hotel, this room was 31,500 yen for 3 people. It’s quite expensive to stay overnight, so day use is recommended ♡

You can also access Wakashio Park (Transportation Park) on foot from Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay


I want to have a mom friendship someday for day use ♡

On the way back, I played at the Shin-Urayasu traffic park


No, I think that there are many people who don’t go to hotels except for travel, but I think that day use is surprisingly good. It’s a change of pace. Is it a little expensive to enjoy?


However, if you are in good shape, the price will be quite high, so if you get a coupon for Ikyu again, I would like to go to Shinagawa’s day use next time ~ ♡ I don’t think so ~;

Please also read the article about the hotel “Brighton” next door ♡


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