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[Bunkyo Ward] Congestion, time, access, tickets, discounts, and impressions of the TeNQ Space Museum


I don’t particularly like stars, but I want to go to the planetarium on a regular basis. However, the last time I took my child to the planetarium in Itabashi Ward, the reaction was not very good. So I looked up another place.

This one! !!



[Caution] Due to the third state of emergency, we will be temporarily closed from April 25th (Sun) to May 11th (Tue), 2021. (The whole Korakuen)


What kind of place is TeNQ (Space Museum)?

The entrance is white and fashionable! !!


We walked from Korakuen station.
公式ページ(https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/tenq/access/)にも黄色いビルって書かれてるけど、黄色よりWINGの文字のが目立ってますwThe official page (https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/tenq/access/) also says that the building is yellow, but the letters WING stand out more than yellow.
“Science” has photo spots and space poop exhibits that make you feel as if you are walking on Mars.

TeNQ is a space museum located on the 6th floor of the yellow building in the middle of Tokyo Dome and JR Suidobashi Station in Korakuen. It’s not a public museum, so I’m particular about fashion. However, the building that is in the tenant is an old building with a strong Showa era feeling, including table tennis.


What does the name TeNQ mean? Is it crowded?

Behind this sign is the Tokyo Dome. There is an amusement park buffet on the left and a steak shop called FRIDAYS on the right.

「TeNQ(テンキュー)」って、宇宙ミュージアムの名前の割には、なんか少しヘンじゃないですか?天の川の「天」をかけてんのか?じゃあ、「Q」って何だよ。みたいな。早速、Google先生に「TenQ 意味」で問合せてみると。

Isn’t “TeNQ” a little strange for the name of the Space Museum? Are you playing the “heaven” of the Milky Way? Then what is “Q”? Like. Immediately, when I contacted Google teacher with “TenQ meaning”.

TeNQ」には次のような意味があります。 宇宙に関するものを展示・展開する施設を表しながら「Thank you」に近い響きで親しみを込めています。

TeNQ|名称の由来 https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/tenq/about/


Gan! !! It was “TeN” in the sense of exhibition and development. I went diagonally above my imagination! So, I went there on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Since the third state of emergency has not been declared yet, there were relatively couples and families with elementary school boys. However, I couldn’t buy a ticket, or it was so crowded that I didn’t feel annoyed at all. I didn’t make any reservations and went suddenly on the day.


How long does it take to see TeNQ?


There are about 3 booths where you can take pictures like walking on a star, and my 7-year-old is not interested.


I and my second grader stayed at TeNQ for about 2 hours. It was a surprisingly long person, for us. (Disney has returned in 3 hours, too.) It would be nice if I had prepared properly on the TeNQ homepage, but we went with NO advance information. In the second grade of elementary school, I felt that projection mapping was a little loud and stimulating. (⇒Since I haven’t studied history yet, I don’t understand the meaning of 7 years old even if I use the concept of space-time or Einstein as a motif.) However, at the last experience corner called “Imagination”, the child was addicted to coloring and space psychological tests, and thought “It’s surprisingly good ♡”.

TenQ is open from 11:00 to 21:00 on weekdays (last admission: 20:00) and from 10:00 to 21:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (last admission: same) at night. (There is a change in the corona virus) Not to mention the family, but the lighting is a little dark overall, so it is a good spot for couples ♡


Candid impressions when I first went to TeNQ


① Very satisfied with the theater ♪


The hall has (1) a long and dark corridor, (2) projection mapping, (3) theater space (sora), (4) exhibition (science), and (5) experience corner.

Although projection mapping (the room at the beginning) was unexploded for me and my daughter, the “Theater Sora” after that was very beautiful and satisfying. It was a powerful image with a diameter of 11m looking down, and even though I was a liberal arts mom, I was self-satisfied by injecting science-like information into my child.


② The science corner is ok


A crossword puzzle using an earth ball was also carried out. To play with Earth Ball, you need to download the dedicated app.
I’m on Twitter. I’m a parent and child (non-intelligent) who have no interest in space, ww
探査機のことを「大航海時代の船」と表現したり、私のように非インテリの人にはわかりやすい表現で助かります、、!The spacecraft can be described as a “ship of the Age of Discovery”, and it is helpful for non-intelligent people like me to use easy-to-understand expressions!
The celestial bodies of the solar system are huge experimental devices for understanding the earth.” What an earth-centered way of thinking! !!

After the theater is over, there will be a “Science” corner of the industry-academia collaboration project (collaboration between university and business) with the University of Tokyo. It’s an exhibition that provides the latest information in an easy-to-read font in an easy-to-understand manner, but I wasn’t interested in the 7-year-old, so I couldn’t take a closer look; Almost a day (a product of copywriter Shigesato Itoi’s company) I started practicing romaji input on the iPad for product operation.

My child who rarely saw the space exhibition. ..


I said, “I’ve come to space, so let’s see Mars for a while!”


Hatchan “No. I want to do this (continue to input Romaji on the iPad for 20 minutes or more)”

A model of Itokawa.


The sound of the wind on Mars was on the air. This is also the good point of TeNQ ♡

In the “Science” corner, there was a room called “TeNQ Branch” at the University Museum, The University of Tokyo. (I can’t put it inside) It may be an epoch-making attempt, “I’m collaborating with that University of Tokyo!”, But I can’t put it in the room, so I think it’s the same even if I’m not honest. I did. Educational moms who want to bring their children to the University of Tokyo may be happy. Since I don’t usually do much intellectual activity, I got information such as “Itokawa is a planet that orbits a very small earth” and “Mars is very cold and looks like the background of Star Wars”. .


③ The imagination corner is very satisfying for both small 2 and mom ♡

As soon as you enter the “Imagination” corner, you will find a booth for solving mysteries and a love lottery (Gacha Gacha).


The mystery solving seems to be called “Mission Rally”. This time we didn’t do it.

The atmosphere of Theater Sora was similar to that of “National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation”, but the atmosphere of this “Science” corner suddenly becomes casual (charai) ♪ Space x Ikebukuro’s Nanja Town feeling? (I’ve never been there). There are “Space Psychological Diagnosis” (which alien type are you?), Astro Bowl (smart toy with the motif of the space system), and coloring, so both couples and families can enjoy it.

It’s not that big, but it’s a fun atmosphere with various booths. There is also a vending machine corner.
My child’s type was “Nazca Lines” ww


Kids like Oekaki, don’t they? !!

There was also a “scan the picture you drew and display it on the screen” corner, which is familiar to both TeamLab and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. This was popular because I love children.

you don’t mind, please also check it out ♡


Is there a ticket discount?


TeNQ same-day tickets are 1,800 yen for adults, 1,200 yen for seniors, 1,500 yen for high school / university / vocational school students, and 1,200 yen for 4 years old to junior high school students, which are a little higher than public museums. But since I stayed for a long time (I could have added another hour if I went earlier), is it about the same as the movie? I don’t feel dissatisfied. If you purchase advance tickets from this page (https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/tenq/ticket/) in advance, you will get a 100 yen discount (for example, 1,800 yen → 1,700 yen).Also, if you have a disability certificate, you will get a 200 yen discount for each. It may be barrier-free because there are no steps unexpectedly.


Thank you for visiting. The third state of emergency. I would like to spend my days with my children happily while preventing the spread of the infection across prefectures. I participate in the Nihon Blog Village Ranking. If you don’t mind, Pochi! I hope you can press it ♡

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