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[Koto-ku] TGG (Tokyo Global Gateway) GW event, treasure hunt! What is the nearest station and how much does it cost?


I think that “English education for children” is necessary from an early stage, but I think that “the lessons once a week are bad for cospa” and “there are many good free teaching materials now, so if you just input, you can do it at home”. The type. (It’s just an individual impression …)


Therefore, I think TGG is an event to prevent the usual home study from becoming a rut, or a stimulus to make people think “I want to speak English!”. That’s why Golden Week also went to TGG (Tokyo English Village) in Odaiba ♡



What is the nearest station to TGG?

TGGの最寄り駅は、ゆりかもめの「テレコムセンター駅」です。TGGの公式ページに行き方が写真付きで載っていますが、それを見ながら行くととても分かりやすいです♡ 非常に大雑把な言い方をすると、TGGは大江戸温泉物語のはす向かいにあります。テレコムセンターの駅からも大江戸温泉物語は見えますので、(ああ、あっちの方か)と目印にしながら歩くと迷いません。

The nearest station to TGG is Yurikamome’s “Telecom Center Station”. The official page of TGG has a photo of how to get there, but it’s very easy to understand if you go while looking at it ♡ To put it very roughly, TGG is just across the street from the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. You can see the story of Oedo Onsen from the Telecom Center station, so you can walk while using (Oh, that one) as a landmark.

引用・TGG 公式ページより(https://tokyo-global-gateway.com/access/


① After exiting the ticket gate, go to the right.


② Go down the stairs on your left.


③ Follow the passage beside the Oume Frontier Building on your right.


④ After passing FamilyMart on your right, go out on the sidewalk on your left and walk straight.


⑤ Walk straight on the pedestrian crossing.


⑥ Go straight along the road and turn right under the overpass.


⑦ When you see a glass building on your right, it is TGG. The reception is on the 1st floor.

This is the front side. It’s a little troublesome to enter from the person who has the opposite Lawson.


Even though it was a GW declaring an emergency, I was late because I played too much!


Following 2020, Golden Week 2021 was also a state of emergency. Oh, I feel sorry for restaurants and department stores. .. Japan’s GDP is declining more and more. It’s been a year since the medical system collapsed, but why is the medical system still collapsing? This year’s Golden Week is bad for Governor Koike, but I went out to play with chicken from my house to a place about an hour by train without traveling far.


First reception on the 1st floor ⇒ Information session in the left room


There are quite a few people! !! Is it because everyone has nowhere to go?

When I was late, two gentle women came out, showed me the QR code of my smartphone, hung my TGG passport to Hatchan (7-year-old child), and guided me to the room on the left. It’s bad. I can’t say about my child because my mom is a late addict (about 2 minutes).


Once inside, a foreign teacher dressed as an expedition explained in English. Apparently, if you collect 5 cards on the 2nd floor and then clear the mission on the 3rd floor, you can go to see the millionaire who lost the treasure. It’s a situation that you definitely want to try even in the real world! By the way, the total area of ​​TGG is very large, about 7,000㎡.

Hatchan looks at the treasure hunting map.


Treasure hunt event costs


This event was held three times a day from May 2nd to 4th, 2021. The cost for each session is as follows for one adult and one child.


7,370 yen (tax included) ・ Program experience 6,270 yen (tax included) ・ Parents or leaders (admission only) 1,100 yen (tax included)


I was happy to see Santa at Christmas time!

It’s quite expensive, isn’t it? It’s only 2 hours. But, I’ve been to TGG for the first time last Christmas, and I don’t usually pay for English conversation classes (I don’t even buy work), so I wonder if this is all right? I thought.


Mission 1: Talk with a foreign teacher on the 2nd floor x 5 times

The pirate panel adds to the atmosphere.
The map has important information for getting treasure.


Hatchan first lined up at the clinic. TGG, I was thrilled at the beginning, but I’m getting used to it!
Next is the hotel. The mission on the first floor will be completed in about 5 minutes.
At the shop booth. It is quite possible to be with a child who is coming alone.

Usually, in TGG, the place called the attraction area / challenge area is the stage of the first mission. It’s TGG’s Uri, where you can enjoy realistic English conversation with a real set such as in a hotel or in-flight. Therefore, the children go to their favorite places (pharmacy, travel agency, etc.), learn simple phrases from foreign teachers (depending on the level of the child), give a real talk, and get one card proof of mission clear. I will get it. It looks fun … (⇒ My learning English was sober studying for entrance exams!)


Mission 2: Activities on the next floor up x 3

If you go to the 3rd floor with the 5 cards you got on the 2nd floor, you can proceed to the next mission.


An activity to hide the watermelon with a cloth so that pirates cannot take the watermelon.

After completing the mission on the 2nd floor, take the elevator to the upper floor. There are many patterns of parents and children who come to TGG, such as siblings and 3 people, or 2 people like us parents and children. Even in the elevator, I heard a conversation of a strategy meeting like “Let’s do XX next time”, and although it was a short time, I felt that the parent-child time was fulfilling, which made me happy.

Complete all missions and go to meet the millionaire.

最後に謎解きがあるのですが、それが難しくて「ね~、わかんないよね~」とぼやいていたら、外国人先生が3人集まってくださり、「What is this?」「Monkey?」「Yeah,So this means the answer.」などと、ヒントをくださいました。そういう外国人の方と英語で話す機会が普段の生活ではなかなかないので、来てよかったです♪ 次回は、STEAM DAYに行きたいなあ♡

Finally, there is a mystery solution, but if it was difficult and I was wondering, “Hey, I don’t know”, three foreign teachers gathered and “What is this?” “Monkey?” ” Yeah, So this means the answer. ” I’m glad I came because I don’t have many opportunities to speak in English with such foreigners in my daily life.Next time, I want to go to STEAM DAY ♡

Check out TGG’s Halloween article!


Thank you for watching until the end! It is said that Tokyo has already entered the rainy season. Hmm, it’s fast! I wonder if I’ll watch a feature film this week.


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