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[Kita-ku] First infiltration with children at Ery’s Cafe in Akabane ♡ Fruit sandwiches are delicious ♡

こんにちは♡ 赤羽在住10年のママこと私です♪ 私は普段、じぶんが好きな場所や子供が行きたい場所を中心におでかけしているのですが、先日、旦那が「赤羽のエリーズカフェのフルーツサンドの写真がめちゃくちゃおいしそうだった」というので、行ってみたくなりました。

Hello ♡ I’m a mom who has lived in Akabane for 10 years ♪ I usually go out mainly to places I like and where my kids want to go, but the other day my husband said, “Fleur at Ery’s Cafe in Akabane. The picture of Sandwich looked really good, “so I wanted to go.


Then, in September, I had a Saturday class for my child, so after that I went to the rumored Ery’s Cafe with my family. So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Ery’s Cafe in Akabane.


It is a cafe where ivy is entwined in Akabane

本当に蔦が絡みまくってますね!、、、The ivy is really entwined! ,,,


Address / phone
business hours
Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, 10: 30-17: 00 (closed)

Take the JR Saikyo Line, Tokyo Ueno Line, etc. from the east exit of Akabane Station and walk for 6 minutes. When you see “”, turn left. “Ery’s Cafe” is opposite Seven-Eleven on your right. Apparently there are cafes with the same name in both countries.


入るときはちょっとドキドキしました★I was a little nervous when I entered ★

I feel that there are many strange people and things in Akabane, as in the manga “Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo” by Toru Seino (Mitsu Dan’s husband). So, I think that Ery’s Cafe is also (like Akabane ~ ♡) and smile.


Go inside the store! The presence of Erie-chan dolls is amazing!

チェーン店のカフェとは明らかに違う雰囲気に、ビビるはっちゃん(小2)。Bibiru Hatchan (small 2) has an atmosphere that is clearly different from that of a chain store cafe.


一体買おうかな、と思いましたが、まあまあ値段するしまとめて買いたかったので、ちょっと検討中、、。I thought I should buy it all at once, but I wanted to buy it in bulk at a reasonable price, so I’m considering it for a while.

I didn’t make a reservation on that day, but when I said, “Oh, there are three people,” a very nice lady welcomed me. Is there about 4 counter seats in the store? There were about 3 table seats, women’s clothes were displayed in the foreground, handmade masks were displayed in the foreground, and many Erie-chan dolls were displayed along the wall. Hmmm, it’s interesting. Before ordering, I’m very worried about the inside of the store.

居心地のよさそうなカウンター席。A cozy counter seat.


I graduated from a fashion school at night school, but I don’t really like handicrafts such as making dolls. (I like to step on the sewing machine ♡) However, when I was looking at the Erie-chan doll for a long time, I found that (1) the face was cute, (2) one point, (3) there were various kinds of clothes, and (4) it was red and cute. I was looking at it. However, my child in elementary school does not accept it for some reason; is this the Showa era? I think it’s usually cute.


The restaurant feels really good and the food is really delicious ♡

料理が絶品!リーズナブルで量もしっかりで美味しいです。The food is excellent! It is reasonably priced, has a solid amount, and is delicious.


The lunch box is 680 yen. The volume and nutrition are perfect and it looks delicious.

The menu at Ery’s Cafe is basically Western and light meals. But there is also Japanese food. It feels like a family restaurant and is a little cheaper. The pizza hall is 1,100 yen, the hamburger set is 980 yen, and the menta cream pasta is 890 yen with salad. Oh, all of them look delicious. Not only cooking, but also coffee shops and bento boxes are served, so I think it falls into the category of a fairly authentic cafe.

デザートのフルーツサンド♡これこれ、これが食べたいんじゃ~!Fruit sandwich for dessert ♡ I want to eat this and this!


The shop feels pretty good. When I stay here all the time, it’s so kind that I feel how unfriendly the customer service at convenience stores and supermarkets is. My daughter didn’t eat much because she felt uncomfortable with her food, but she was careful about things like “Oh, can I eat this?” (⇒ Excuse me …!) It seems that there are many regulars. When I’m a little older and in my 60s, it’s not bad to have a life here with my mommy friends from daytime! I thought for a moment.


Complete the fruit sandwich and parfait ★

シャインマスカットがふんだんに使われた特別バージョンのフルーツサンド。A special version of fruit sandwich with plenty of Shine Muscat.

「あの~、今日とても良いシャインマスカットが入荷しまして。プラス〇〇円(⇒すみません、忘れた、、。150円くらい?)でフルーツサンドの中身をシャインマスカットに変更できますけど。」とオーナーの方に言われました。「ぜひ!ぜひシャインマスカットでお願いします!」と、がっつく私w クリームはふわふわで甘く、シャインマスカットの芳香がアクセントとなり絶妙なハーモニーのフルーツサンドでございました。

うう、、。頼みすぎた。パフェも完食の45歳。ますます体重がやばいです。UU,,. I asked too much. The parfait is also 45 years old. I’m getting heavier and heavier.

“Ah, very good Shine Muscat has arrived today. You can change the contents of the fruit sandwich to Shine Muscat for an additional 〇〇 yen (⇒ I’m sorry, I forgot … about 150 yen?),” Said the owner. I was told by someone. “By all means! Please use Shine Muscat!”, The sticky cream was fluffy and sweet, and the fragrance of Shine Muscat accentuated it, making it an exquisite harmony fruit sandwich.

マンゴープリンを食べたはっちゃん。まさかのほぼ残し、、;Hatchan who ate mango pudding. Almost left, …


かわいいよ~!!犬大好き♡It’s cute! !! I love dogs ♡


I want to eat a lot of food this time. Akabane Ery’s Cafe seems to be featured on a TV program called Hirunandesu. A lot of colored paper was displayed in the store. This shop certainly seems to be interviewed. After eating, Hatchan and I went to the nearby “Aoneko Shobo”. see you!