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[Kita-ku] Children’s event at the University of Tokyo! I went to the CAST Children’s Science Experiment Class


I think I have a very beautiful personality in Libra. As a result, the antennas on my head go in all directions, and I don’t want to go out and play in various fields such as sports, nature, movies, and playing house.



Imagine that, you can’t stay still (⇒ it might be a good nuisance for children; over-interference or over-going?)


So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is to play with the University of Tokyo students and children.


University of Tokyo students and scientific experiments! Let’s explore the mystery of “light”! I went to the “1st and 2nd grade course”

This is the winning postcard ♡

いつもの北区ニュースを見ていたら、「東大生と科学実験!「光」のふしぎを探ろう!(1・2年生コース)」の募集記事があったので、早速応募した44歳♡ 2020年10月25日(日)、会場は北区中央公園文化センターです。

When I was watching the usual Kita-ku news, “Science experiment with the University of Tokyo students! Let’s explore the mystery of” light “! (1st and 2nd grade course) ”, so I applied immediately for 44 years old ♡ On Sunday, October 25, 2020, the venue is the Kita Ward Central Park Cultural Center.

Winning postcards, writing utensils
Participation fee (teaching material fee)
We also had an experimental event with Denjiro-sensei, but it’s quite affordable!


The events organized by the ward are (1) close, (2) cheap, (3) good for education ♡, and it’s a good idea ♪ It may be missed, but this time I won the prize safely.

More than 90% of the participants are fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters. Only one pair is coming with children. The core age group is small 2.


I think the University of Tokyo students’ immersiveness and time management skills are amazing, not because they are students of the University of Tokyo.


It is the back gate of the Central Park Cultural Center. Micke!


Furthermore, my father is from the University of Tokyo. But maybe because of that, when I was a kid, my parents never told me to study. Therefore, it may not be understood by those who are struggling to take the exam.


The venue was the first audiovisual room near the reception on the 1st floor of the Kita-ku Central Park Cultural Center.



It is a signboard

In particular, from now on, not people who can do a lot of things that anyone can do in general affairs, but (1) in an era where professional people with immersive power and people who have the ability to communicate well with them and lead to appropriate decision making will play an active role. I think it will be.


What is the content of the University of Tokyo Children’s Science Experiment Class?

Hmm? What. this is,,


By the way, when I finished the reception and sat down in the audiovisual room, there were about 5 to 6 people from the University of Tokyo Scientific Experiment Circle CAST, distributing prints and guiding participants to their seats.


After that, he briefly introduced himself and did about 4 experiments (⇒ remember me;).


(Part 1) Marble experiment of polymer that disappears when put in water

Hatchan loves playing in the water. I don’t know that it’s a science experiment, and it makes my eyes sparkle ♡


On the table, a bowl and spoon with white water distributed to each participant. It contains colorful colored marbles.


However, in fact, in addition to the marbles, there are transparent polymer marbles (the contents of the diaper) in this vessel, and the participants are surprised by the optical illusion. Since the polymer is as close to water as possible, it seems that the eyes will think that it is water. Amazing!


(Part 2) Does a silver ball pass through the wall? !! Optical illusion-second bullet

Hachiko trying an experiment


I’m interested in polarizing plates

The second experiment is also about the optical illusion. Roll two translucent gray plastic plates and polarizing plates (about 5 cm x 5 cm), which are also used for smartphones. Then tape it together.


It looks as if there is a black wall inside the cylinder, but in reality the inside of the cylinder is hollow, so a silver sphere passes through it.


(Part 3) Put things in a box made of magic mirror and turn on the light to increase the number of things you put in

Hatchan looking into the box. Did the number of things inside increase?


Next is an experiment like a craft. At this point, the participants became a little confused about how to make it, and continued to call CAST’s older brother “Sumimasen”;

I’m used to seeing it, but it’s strange if I think about the mirror itself


However, the University of Tokyo students who were able to deal calmly without tempering. As expected.


They’re over 20 years younger, but They’re solid

Polite youth CAST


CAST’s children’s science experiment class, but I’m an adult, and I’m often impressed with (Hmm!) And (Hmm!). The mothers of the participants also seemed to be excited.

As soon as you leave the Central Park Cultural Center, you will find Central Park.


Science experiments seem to reveal familiar events, and they are a little magical and funny ♡


Also, isn’t it great? Even though he is a student. You can take a long vacation, work part-time, date, and mess around. To spend it on an administrative children’s event ,. I think he is a wonderful young man. I’m sure the next Denjiro teacher will come out of


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