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[Kita-ku] Jacob Caller’s concert! I asked, “Can you teach my child in the piano class?”


My mother was a person who lived in the house singing “●● -chan ~! Good morning ~!”. It seems that he wanted to go to the music college, so he entrusted that dream to me, but I also retired from the piano in the middle 1; (⇒ Because I was addicted to the track and field



Therefore, I was taken to a music concert in Koto Ward, where I lived in my childhood. I’m not imitating that, but I’ve taken Hatchan to music concerts and musicals about 30 times so far when she was 6 years old.


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Jacob Caller.


English + piano concert? It’s the best!

Tickets for the self-employed Cobb Caller concert held in Kita-ku, Tokyo in October 2019.


That’s why (⇒ what kind of reason?), I’ve been actively going to music concerts (such as those who can listen from 0 years old) since I was about 1 year old.

If you are a music lover who is raising elementary school children, please read this article!



I mean, I just take care of my kids during the day 98%, so I can’t take a break; I enjoy myself during music concerts and it’s good for my kids’ musical education.


No, two birds with one stone! With that feeling, I have adhered to the childcare policy that I cannot boast about, with a lot of music concerts and childcare, with the same stance until today;

It was held at the Azalea Hall. It’s a small and cozy venue


I like English, so Jacob-san’s concert this time was exciting because he also used English (good!).

Hmm … Hatchan taking a break in a Pokemon water bottle


From advertising and theory, I thought it would be better for Hatchan to come into contact with English on a daily basis. (⇒ If there are many advertisements, human beings will be rubbed into the brain …!)


He was famous for Kanjani’s programs and covers.

When will I get the sign? My child who is sowa sowa


I didn’t have any prior knowledge of Jacob until I went to the concert. I should have seen Kanjani’s journal!


The performance is not classical, but he listened to a number of songs that everyone is familiar with (paprika, etc.) arranged in a jazzy style in Jacob’s style.


he world of transcendental skill. So, the story is interesting (English and Japanese), and the appearance is also handsome. That’s why there is no demand in Japan.


What impressed me most was that there was a screen on the stage that showed the hands up.

No elementary school student is as accustomed to concerts as Hatchan, haz w


Of course it was good to hear Jacob’s delicate and beautiful tone at this concert, but I thought the stage set was very good.


There was a screen on the stage showing Jacob’s playing hand up. The movement of the fingers of the pianist’s hand is magic.


I thought it was a very good attempt to show the magic to a small child.


There are some parts where small children still have little ability to imagine with sound. Looking up at the fingers, it’s easy to tell that the music that’s playing isn’t just magic. I think it’s good because it’s easy to imagine that the piano flows from the actual movement of the fingers.


When I asked in English, “Can you teach my child the piano?”

Very nice Jacob.I bought a score for myself


I honestly thought (I wish such a wonderful teacher could teach Hatchan the piano). At that time, Hatchan hadn’t learned the piano yet.

それで、「Are there any piano school you are teaching?」と尋ねてみました。すると、ピアノ教室はあるけど今は生徒募集をしていないんだ、という返答でした。もし「OKだよ!」と言われても、電車に乗って通うのはキツかったと思うので、仕方ありません。

So I asked, “Are there any piano school you are teaching?” Then, he answered that he had a piano class but he is not recruiting students now. Even if I was told “OK!”, I think it was hard to get on the train, so I can’t help it.


However, I’m glad I listened to it for the time being ♪ If a concert is held nearby, I definitely want to go there.


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