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[Taito-ku] Tickets for jewelry exhibitions, time required, goods, and congestion! What is green onion?

上野の科学博物館で現在やっている特別展「宝石 地球がうみだすキセキ」。大好評のようですね♡私もチケット取るとき、時間帯の枠がほぼ埋まっていて、16時の回しか空いてなかったです。

A special exhibition “Jewelry Earth Creates Kiseki” currently being held at the Science Museum in Ueno. It seems to be very popular ♡ When I got the ticket, the time zone was almost full and I was only open at 16:00.


宝石展の1年前にやっていた展覧会は、植物展でした。The exhibition I was doing a year before the jewelry exhibition was a botanical exhibition.

My child did an independent study on the theme of “Why are the colors of jewels different?”, Don’t make it such a difficult theme during the summer vacation last year. So, after taking a walk, I decided to go to the jewelry exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science.


What is the jewelry exhibition at the Ueno Science Museum?

当日券は満席で買えないことも多いらしいです~。みんな、宝石だいすきなんだね、、、!It seems that there are many cases where you cannot buy the same-day ticket because it is full. Everyone loves jewelry …!

地球の自然産物である「宝石」♡ お金持ちじゃないので縁はないですが、見るのは大好きです♡ダイヤモンド、ルビー、サファイヤなどなど、鉱石と宝石合わせて、計200種が展示されています。その原石である鉱石がどのように地球で作られるのか、その構成や特徴はどのようになっているのかなど、豪華な宝石の世界を文化と科学の切り口から切り取る、豪華な展覧会です!!(⇒あ、全く関係者じゃありません;ただのおばちゃんです)

“Jewelry” which is a natural product of the earth ♡ I have no connection because I am not rich, but I love to see it ♡ Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. This is a gorgeous exhibition that cuts out the world of gorgeous gemstones from the perspective of culture and science, such as how the ore, which is the rough stone, is made on the earth, and what its composition and characteristics are! !! (⇒ Oh, I’m not involved at all; I’m just an aunt)


The ticket for the jewelry exhibition is a smartphone QR code

宝石展のチケットで、常設展もタダで見られます♡You can see the permanent exhibition for free with the ticket for the jewelry exhibition ♡


The ticket price for the special exhibition “Jewelry-Kiseki that the Earth Creates (⇒ For some reason Katakana)” is 2,000 yen for adults (university students) and 600 yen for children (elementary, junior high, and high school students). Isn’t it free for elementary school students? High school students and elementary school students are the same amount! I thought for a moment, but it doesn’t matter w

チケットは必ず、日時指定予約が必要です。チケットの購入はローソンチケット(Lコード 39775)やチケットぴあ(Pコード 685-940)などでも取り扱っています。でも、どっちにせよ日時指定予約しなくてはいけないのだから、公式サイトのチケット販売ページ(https://hoseki-ten.jp/ticket.html)から普通にクレジットカードで購入する方が、早いかもしれません。わたしの場合、小学生のこどもがきまぐれで「やっぱ、いかな~い!」と言うかもしれないと思ったので

Tickets must be reserved on a specified date and time. Tickets can also be purchased at Lawson Ticket (L code 39775) and Ticket Pia (P code 685-940). However, since you have to make a reservation by specifying the date and time anyway, it may be faster to purchase with a credit card from the ticket sales page (https://hoseki-ten.jp/ticket.html) on the official website. Maybe. In my case, I thought that elementary school children might say “I don’t know!”


① Make a date and time reservation only on the ticket sales page of the official website (0 yen ♡)


② On the day, show the QR code of the designated date and time reservation at the entrance and enter inside


③ At the reception near the entrance, pay the ticket fee with the credit card paid on the day


That is, “I will not pay until the last minute, I will stick to the big strategy” w


Is it difficult to reserve the date and time for the jewelry exhibition? !!


人気のある宝石の前では、人の背中ばっかで何も見えません、、。In front of the popular jewels, you can’t see anything on the back of a person.

For the time being on Saturdays and Sundays, I think it is impossible to enter with a ticket on the day. I went on Sunday in mid-March, but I checked the availability of the official website on Friday night to make a reservation. All were “full” and the only time was 16:00. But the jewelry exhibition is until 17:00, right? One hour is a little incomplete combustion. If you include the time to buy goods, you can stay for at least 2 hours, and I think it’s better to keep the time at 15:00.


Access to the Jewelery Exhibition

上野公園の中って、たくさん博物館や美術館があるので、迷いますよね。国立科学博物館は、略して「カハク」と言います。(あんま世間には浸透してないかも、、?)宝石展は、カハクの地球館地下1階 でやっています。位置的には、大道芸とかやってる上野公園の広いところ(スタバとかあるとこ)の近くです。上野駅の上野公園口で降りたら、まっすぐ歩き、宝石展の看板があったら右折。そのまま真っすぐ歩いたら、奥にデカイくじらが見えてきます。

There are many museums and art galleries in Ueno Park, so you’re at a loss. The National Museum of Nature and Science abbreviates it as “Kahaku”. (Maybe it hasn’t penetrated the world …?) The jewelry exhibition is held on the first basement floor of the Kahaku Earth Building. Positionally, it is near a large area (such as Starbucks) in Ueno Park, where street performances are performed. When you get off at the Ueno Park Exit of Ueno Station, walk straight and turn right when you see the sign for the jewelry exhibition. If you walk straight, you will see a big whale in the back.




The highlight of the jewelry exhibition ♪



宝石展の会場マップJewelery Exhibition Venue Map


The good thing about the gem exhibition is that it is not just an exhibition of glittering jewelry, but an exhibition that digs deep from the perspective of a science museum, asking “Why are gemstones (ores) born?” Somehow, if you hit a deep underground part of Myanmar or Africa with a tool, jewels will come out, right? I only had the image of.


アクアマリン。すごい、、!こんな風になってるんだね。Aquamarine. very,,! It looks like this.

It is a rough stone that was miraculously born by the earth due to changes in the plate over a really long time. Moreover, even if there is a rough stone, it takes a lot of craftsmanship to make it a glittering jewelry. When I understand that, I can’t help but feel the ancient romance of the jewels I always casually look at.

何か、宝石展を見ていたらビョークのアルバム「biophilia」を思い出しますね。When I was watching the jewelry exhibition, I remember Bjork’s album “biophilia”.
ペグマタイト Pegmatite


The audio guide is Mr. Kazureza


Whenever I go to a museum or museum with my child, I always apply for an audio guide. This is because there are some Chinese characters that I can’t read yet. Even if you can’t read it with your eyes, you can easily understand the content with voice. I also listened to the audio guide on the way because I came to the jewelry exhibition this time. Hmmm, that’s what! I often think that I haven’t had much connection with jewelry until now, but I was wondering if I should buy a little cheap jewelry. I think the good thing about the exhibition is that it is influenced by that


You can see the jeweled green onions ♡


I missed it; there is a tourmaline on Twitter that says “I can only see it as a green onion!” In the exhibition inside the jewelry exhibition;


It will be an eye candy ♡

宝石の代表的なカットの種類 Typical cut types of gems


The jewelry exhibition is still gorgeous. In the first half, there are many rocks and rugged ones, but from the “characteristics and variety of gemstones” on the way, some polished ores (raw stones) such as beads came out, and Chapter 4 “Jewelry Techniques”, I was worried about Chapter 5 “The Extreme of Jewelery” because my eyes were shining (what if a thief like Lupine came here?);



That’s all for today ♪ I’m 45 years old, and I’m worried about the ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia every day, and the whereabouts of investment trusts (mainly US stocks). See you soon!

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