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[Minato Ward] What are the congestion, travel time, museum shop, access, and discounts at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art?


I happened to find “Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art” while surfing the internet at work. Hey! There was a Panasonic museum, it looks interesting. This was my first impression. In addition, I was looking forward to the day I went by seeing the visuals of the scented vessels of the “Takasago Collection” from January to March 2021 and writing on the Googke calendar (I will definitely go!).


That’s why today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art with elementary school students ♡


Is the Tome Museum crowded?

There is a museum on the 4th floor of the Panasonic Shiodome Building ♡

パナソニック汐留美術館のホームページを見た限りでは、(なんだか地味そうで知ってる人が少なそうな美術館だな)と思いました。(⇒あいかわらず失礼だよね!!)しかし、Googleの口コミを見るとまあまあの件数(1,084件)。「好きな美術館の一つです」とか、熱い書き込みもありました。さらに、今回の「香りの器 高砂コレクション展」の口コミでは整理券の配布があったとのコメントもありました。

As far as I saw the homepage of Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art, I thought (it seems to be sober and few people know it). (⇒ It’s still rude!) However, looking at Google reviews, the number is fair (1,084). There was also a hot comment such as “It is one of my favorite museums”. In addition, there was a comment that numbered tickets were distributed in the word of mouth of this “Scented vessel Takasago collection exhibition”.

Perhaps because it’s Panasonic, I felt that many of the people who came were decent. ..


And at 13:15 on Saturday, March 20, 2021. When I and Hatchan went up to the 4th floor of the Panasonic Shiodome Building on the escalator, an elegant male staff member said, “I’m giving out numbered tickets!” (Is it a numbered ticket after all ?!) I was a little disappointed. So, I tweeted because I was free.


①Numbered tickets were distributed, but the waiting time was 30 minutes

This is a numbered ticket distributed at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art.


However, instead of waiting for an hour or two, it was less than 30 minutes.


I said, “What should I do, Hatchan? I have to wait 30 minutes, so look at the railway exhibition history room below?”

There was this “Railway History Exhibition Room” in the immediate vicinity.


Hatchan “No. Wait here.”


I said, “Well, even if you go down, the time will come soon. OK.”


This is close but far. I want to get inside soon!

I am the only visitor with children. (Well, I was prepared!) Most of the other women were in their 30s and 40s. There are many women’s groups, and many are wearing pretty good brand clothes. So, everyone was waiting while looking out near the escalator. My 7-year-old was happy while watching YouTube of Shinobu Kocho on a tablet w (⇒ YouTube is prohibited except on the train and waiting time. Somehow w)

Because it is fitted with glass, there is a feeling of openness ♡ I wish I could work in such an office ~ ♡
She’ll be waiting for you in a place like this! Kids really like super-small and super-large places!


② Purchase a ticket by measuring the temperature with a thermo camera. The inside is not very wide

Wow w Haruka Ayase ~ ♡


When it was time to show the numbered ticket, I was guided to the back saying “Please pass here”. There was a line of 5 to 6 people in the back, and beyond that was a thermo camera. The staff at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art are generally good. Let’s call it the peace of mind of a major company. I felt with the sixth sense that weird correspondence would never be done. * Since photography is completely NG from here, we will send it without an image. .. *


After that, I was politely asked, “Customers, the hall is currently crowded, so please keep your children’s hands on the view.” Then, he was guided to the locker in front of him (a type that returns 100 yen), saying, “If you like, please use that locker for your personal belongings.” While I put my luggage in the locker, the person behind me waited for me, so I’m sorry.


It takes 30 minutes! I wanted to see it more properly! !!

香りの器 高砂コレクション展のチケットです。かわいいデザイン♪
Ticket for the Takasago Collection Exhibition. Cute design ♪

「香りの器 高砂コレクション展」には数々の香水の瓶(器)が展示されていますが、これは高砂という香水の器メーカーがコレクションしたものでした。本当に可愛らしく、見ているだけで幸せになれるような様々なデザインの香りの器。1点1点しっかりと観たかったのですが、やはり少しだけ混んでいたのでショーケースの前に人がいる場合はうちの子供(7歳)が待ってられず、ば~っ!と隣のブースへ歩いて行ってしまいます。

A number of perfume bottles (vessels) are on display at the “Scented Vessel Takasago Collection Exhibition”, which was collected by a perfume vessel maker called Takasago. A variety of scented vessels that are really cute and make you happy just by looking at them. I wanted to see each and every one of them, but it was a little crowded, so if there was a person in front of the showcase, my child (7 years old) couldn’t wait. I will walk to the next booth.


The scented vessel was already made in the 1st and 2nd centuries. It is not great? Incorporating scents into our daily lives is a civilization that comes from human instinct. I realized that I can’t afford to enjoy the scent of plating in my recent life. I’m sorry … I want to live a life where I can enjoy the scent more.


The end of the exhibition is the museum shop

Cute round silk handkerchief. It was about 900 yen, so I bought it for my mother.


It is a spoon of cherry blossoms. This is also about 900 yen. buy! !!

The museum shop is fun, isn’t it? There are a lot of tasteful items and rare goods that you don’t usually find in the stores you go to. The museum shop of the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art is not so large, but there were a lot of wonderful goods.

It is a postcard. It was about 120 yen per sheet.
It is a magnet with a magnolia pattern of Emile Carre. It was about 700 yen.


Panasonic Shiodome Museum is a 8 minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station


The Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art is about an 8-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station’s “Karasumori Exit,” “Shiodome Exit,” and “Ginza Exit.” On the way, there are about 3 Family Marts ~ ♪

Shimbashi is a station that is the station I
don’t get off.
Ah! I also want to go to Setouchi Shunsaikan.


There is only one road, so I think it’s easy to get there without getting lost.


Is there a discount for the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art?


There is. It’s a repeater discount, a senior discount, and a homepage discount. If you show the stub of the exhibition you went to once, you can get it for 1,000 yen, which is a 100 yen discount. The same applies to seniors (65 years old and over). The homepage discount is a 100 yen discount at the time of admission if you print this screen (https://panasonic.co.jp/ls/museum/discount/) of the official homepage of the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art or show the smartphone screen. I will. In other words, there is no discount over 100 yen. However, elementary school students are free up to 6th grade ♡ (Thank you!) Middle and high school students are also 500 yen. It’s cheap.

♡If you go to Minato Ward, this is also recommended ♡