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KITA-KU Genki Plaza


Genki Plaza is a wonderful inhabitant pool with people coming to swim not only from Kita Ward but also from other wards. It was under construction for one year from 2019 to 2020. After that, when I thought “I can finally swim ♡”, I took a rest at Corona, …


元気ぷらざの6月のあじさい。きれいです。Genki Plaza’s June Hydrangea. Is beautiful.

However, as of the end of June 2022. You can now go to the pool with a NO reservation without making a phone reservation in advance. It was good ♪ (It seems that if the number of people using the pool exceeds 400, numbered tickets will be distributed. You can use only the pool by clicking.


That’s why the theme of this “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Genki Plaza (pool) in Kita Ward.


The numbered ticket for Genki Plaza will disappear before 8:45 to 10:00.



(Addition) August 8, 2021 (Sun). When I walked in the rain and arrived at 9 am with my daughter and luggage such as swimsuits, it was 10:50. My daughter, who walks home again, seems to be unable to walk in flip-flops, and said (it hurts). Even though it was raining, there were a lot of people in the pool that normally flows.


For the time being, it seems that people who get a numbered ticket with Genki Plaza should do it around 9 o’clock.


Where is Genki Plaza?


Shop Name
北区 元気ぷらざ
KITA-KU Genki Plaza
Web Site
Phone Number
The degree of infant’s pleasant
The degree of primary school child’s pleasant


Genki Plaza is a heated pool that uses the heat generated from the Kita Ward cleaning area. The nearest station is a 5-minute walk from Shimo Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.


Closed days are the year-end and New Year holidays


There are basically no closed days. Thank you. Most recently, 2020.12.29-2021.1.3 will be closed.


The parking lot is small, 19 cars


Genki Plaza has a parking lot and a bicycle parking lot. For parking lots, a usage fee of 150 yen will be charged for 30 minutes. If it’s full, look for a nearby parking lot. If you search on this site (https://toku-p.earth-car.com/), you will also find parking lots around Genki Plaza.

Bicycle parking lot that fills up on Saturdays and Sundays!


How about the congestion of Genki Plaza?


Genki Plaza is popular. If possible, I think it’s free to go early in the morning or at a strange time in the afternoon (14:00 or 16:00).


6月末~8月末は、子供向けにスタンプカードを配布中。スタンプ10こで無料入館券がもらえるそうです。From the end of June to the end of August, stamp cards are being distributed to children. You can get a free admission ticket with 10 stamps.

(Addition) I went to Genki Plaza from 9:45 to 11:45 on Saturday, June 25, 2022, but it was quite crowded. Especially in the flowing pool, I can’t do anything other than soak it, and I can’t stretch my body.


I had to make a phone reservation at Genki Plaza during Corona

Finally no reservation is required! I did it!


I swam twice in July. At that time, I needed to make a phone reservation. Moreover, the time when I could make a reservation was halfway, such as “to clean the pool” and the meeting at 4:40 pm. It was a pity that I couldn’t swim at my favorite time.


Moreover, I had to fill out a questionnaire after making a phone reservation. From December 7, 2020, reservations will no longer be required on all days of the week, and it will be available to people other than Kita Ward. This is big news! !!

2022年6月末。元気ぷらざのロビーには七夕が飾ってあり、短冊にメッセージを書けます♡The end of June 2022. Tanabata is displayed in the lobby of Genki Plaza, and you can write a message on a strip of paper ♡


Floating ring is OK with energetic plaza! Up to 90 cm in diameter

The child’s float is cute ♡


Floating rings can be used at Genki Plaza. Some people use a fairly large float. Floating rings, swimwear, goggles, hats, etc. are also sold at the shop in front.


This is a place where many infants and elementary school students visit, but the entrance of children wearing diapers is strictly regulated. So, I think it’s better not to enter with a light feeling such as “Is it okay about once?” It is also important to remember the pool hat.


There is a large slide and a slide for young children.


When I come to my husband with my husband, I leave it to my husband and I will take another action by sliding on a large slide (slider?). It’s kind of embarrassing that adults line up alone, but I can’t help myself. I wish I could skate as soon as Hacchi-chan does not fear!



I got angry in the swimming class of Genki Plaza


I once complained to the teacher in the pool classroom here. Hatchan who entered the pool class limited to 10 times from 5 years old. At first I was looking forward to it, but I was scared because I jumped in from the poolside (not a general diving, but jumping in from my feet) and started crying.


I was watching the situation for a while, but I was angry even though the lesson content had not changed even though I was crying or hating, and I went to the reception and said “Please change the teacher!”; There may be guidance policies, but I don’t understand the meaning of letting them cry. After that, I enjoy swimming in the pool that normally flows with me. Maybe I’ll remember if I’m the type of my child.


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