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[Odawara City] Suzuhiro Kamaboko Chikuwa Experience! Reviews, reservations, cancellations, locations


I decided to go to Hakone as the last pleasure of summer, and I got tired of riding the train all the time, so I applied for the Suzuhiro Kamaboko experience class in Odawara. Is it a corona? I saw the official homepage (https://www.kamaboko.com/), but it is a very good homepage. There were many links and the contents were substantial, and I became a fan of Suzuhiro Kamaboko in no time ♡ (⇒ Very simple middle-aged …)


So, today’s theme of “Going out with elementary school students in Tokyo!” Is Suzuhiro Kamaboko from Odawara.


Flow from reservation of chikuwa experience class to tasting

小田原 かまぼこ 体験とかで検索すると、このページが出てくるはすです。(https://www.kamaboko.com/sato/taiken/kamaboko.html


Reservations can be made online or by phone (cancellation fee?

かまぼこ体験教室に参加するには、予約が必要です。予約はWEBから空き状況を確認して好きな時間に申し込むか、または電話(0465-24-6262)で9時~17時の間に申し込みます。各回の人数は限定されているので、日程の候補が決まったら早めに予約することをおすすめします。(緊急事態宣言中の’21 8/25(水)の11時半の回に申し込みましたが、満席でした)

A reservation is required to participate in the Kamaboko experience class. To make a reservation, check the availability on the WEB and apply at your favorite time, or apply by phone (0465-24-6262) between 9:00 and 17:00. Since the number of people for each session is limited, it is recommended that you make a reservation early once you have decided on a schedule candidate. (I applied at 11:30 on Wednesday, August 25, ’21 during the state of emergency, but it was full.)

Reservation confirmation email for Chikuwa experience class


There is no cancellation fee, so be sure to contact us if you can’t. If you make a reservation online on the day of the event, you can cancel it online until the day before. Payment of the experience fee (770 yen including tax per person in the case of chikuwa) will be paid locally. Credit cards are also accepted. There was a set of kamaboko and chikuwa, but the experience fee was cheaper for chikuwa (1,760 yen including tax for one person), so I chose chikuwa.


When you arrive at the site, settle at the front reception



Put your baggage behind the hands-on classroom.

When you arrive at the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum, the reception desk is in front of you, so tell your name, “I made a reservation.” I paid for two parents and children by credit card. (⇒ I rarely spend cash on a daily basis.) After that, I was given a white hat and an apron to wear on my head, and said, “Put your baggage in the locker behind you, wash your hands well, and go to table No. 0.” I was told.


One staff member explained with a microphone, and there was a screen in front.

When I got to my seat, the number of fish dumplings and kitchen knives were set.


The chikuwa experience is only for the molded part. Over time, I couldn’t mold it well, and something was difficult. Wrap the surimi around bamboo that looks like a Kimetsu cat.

In the Chikuwa experience class, the seats were separated for each group, so it was difficult to get close. Surprisingly, not only with children but also a group of boys from college students participated, and I thought it was popular with a wide range of age groups ♡. We arrived at the last minute. Originally, I received various explanations from 20 minutes ago, so I don’t know how to make it. But it was saved because there was a screen in front. It looks easy, but it was surprisingly difficult to handle.


Experience time is 15 minutes? !! Surprisingly short ⇒ Handed over the bill and to receive the chikuwa

Leave the chikuwa made by everyone as it is and leave once.


♡it is complete! Handmade (although it is molded) Chi-ku-wa ♡

The Chikuwa experience class will end in about 20 minutes. Since we have gathered before the actual start, it takes 40 minutes to count from the meeting time to the end of the Chikuwa classroom. After that, after a baking time of about 10 minutes, bring the numbered ticket you received to the pick-up area to get a freshly baked chikuwa. Until now, I didn’t particularly like or hate chikuwa, but I thought that freshly baked chikuwa had a fragrant skin (oh, it looks like it goes well with shochu).


Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum is admission


To be honest, I went to various hands-on classrooms for children, so I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Chikuwa classroom, and I felt it was very systematic. Instead (I’m used to it, it’s clerical), I was quite impressed by the amazing facilities of the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum itself, which houses this hands-on classroom. Is this free to enter? , Suzuhiro Kamaboko is really fat! I tought.


Odawara (Kazamatsuri) is Suzuhiro Kamaboko


From here, I want to know the location of the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum


Home of “Kazamatsuri Station” on the Hakone Railway Line. It takes 30 seconds from home to Suzuhiro Kamaboko, no, 10 seconds if you hurry. It’s right in front of me.

「小田原 かまぼこ 体験」とかキーワードでGoogle先生に尋ねると、「風祭に鈴廣かまぼこの体験教室があるよ!」と教えてくれました。ほうほう。小田原駅ではなく、小田原駅から箱根登山鉄道線で2駅の「風祭駅」にあるんだね。風祭といえば、クレヨンしんちゃんの風祭君だネwもしかして、風祭クンのご両親はこの地域の出身なのかな?なんて思いつつ、目の前に鈴廣かまぼこの建物があります。

It’s not too late yet! Hurry up! !!

When I asked Google Sensei with keywords such as “Odawara Kamaboko Experience”, he told me that “There is a Suzuhiro Kamaboko Experience Class at Kazamatsuri!”. method. It’s not at Odawara Station, but at “Kazamatsuri Station”, which is two stations on the Hakonetozan Railway Line from Odawara Station. Speaking of Kazematsuri, it’s Crayon Shin-chan’s Kazematsuri-kun. Maybe Kazematsuri’s parents are from this area? While thinking about it, there is a Suzuhiro Kamaboko building in front of me.


I don’t care about anything, so I learned in the romance car that I would meet at the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Experience Class at 11:10, and arrived at Odawara Station at 11:10. I changed to the Hakone Tozan Railway with a dash (it was saved because it was in the same platform) and I was able to participate in the experience class at Thresle. (⇒ Good …)


The venue for the Kamaboko experience class was an annex.

Exit “Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Sato”, which is directly connected to Kazamatsuri Station, and turn left. Go straight and you will see Suzuhiro Kamaboko Main Store → Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum on your right in about 3 minutes.


However, the Kamaboko / Chikuwa experience class is not held at the Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Sato (souvenir shop), which is directly connected to the station, but at the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum in the annex. Ah, I’m rushing to the hands-on classroom, thinking that I want to buy souvenirs. On the way, I saw the Suzuhiro Kamaboko main store on the right side, and I thought (What’s here ?! Suzuhiro Kamaboko when you get out of the station, Suzuhiro Kamaboko even if you walk on the road. I did.

When you arrive, wash your hands after the reception and line up in front of each work table.